4501.5.49AdventureMoebius: Empire Rising
4502.5.48ActionYs I & II Chronicles+
4503.5.48ActionRadio Zed
4505.5.48PuzzleI Can't Find My Glasses
4506.5.48ActionContinent of the Ninth Seal
4508.5.48RPGLRU 2: Resurrection
4509.5.48ActionHover Bot Arena 2
4510.5.48ActionTomb Raider VI: The Angel of Darkness
4511.5.48AdventureBeing One - Episode 3
4512.5.48StrategyElder Sign: Omens
4513.5.48StrategyNecropolis Defence
4514.5.48AdventureTombscape 2
4515.5.48ActionSniper Art of Victory
4516.5.48ActionMuseum of Science Fiction
4517.5.48MultiplayerFly Or Die FFA
4518.5.48PuzzleEye-Q Test
4519.5.48SportTrackMania² Valley
4520.5.48ActionRambo The Video Game
4521.5.47RPGThe Age of Decadence
4522.5.47ActionThe Kitten Game
4523.5.47AdventureHoliday Sim
4524.5.47SportZombogrinder 2
4525.5.47ActionHeadless Zombie
4526.5.47ActionBlue Knight
4527.5.47Actionalien exterminator
4528.5.47ActionFinal Ninja Zero
4529.5.47PuzzleRolling Ghosts
4531.5.47AdventureDead Drunk 1.1
4533.5.47PuzzleAmigo Pancho
4534.5.47PuzzleFractured 2
4536.5.47StrategyBed and Breakfast 3
4537.5.46ActionLost Outpost
4538.5.46MultiplayerElite Forces: Warfare 2
4539.5.46MultiplayerFly Like A Bird 4
4540.5.46SportGo Kart Go! Nitro!
4541.5.46RPGSave 10% on Murdered: Soul Suspect
4542.5.46StrategyArma Tactics
4543.5.46ActionOde To Pixel Days
4545.5.46PuzzleEmma - It's Valentines
4546.5.46ActionSave 10% on Scourge: Outbreak
4547.5.46ActionTry to Survive
4549.5.46ActionBat Country
4550.5.46PuzzleVampire Skills
4551.5.46ActionAngry Bees
4552.5.46PuzzleShape Fold 2
4553.5.46AdventureDarkness Episode 3
4554.5.45PuzzleCradle of Persia
4555.5.45StrategyVillage of Nightmares
4556.5.45Puzzlethe great living room escape
4557.5.45PuzzleAtomic Puzzle 2
4558.5.45Sportthe Kill Kar: Revenge
4559.5.45ActionRIP - Trilogy™
4560.5.45AdventureSneak Thief - prime catch
4561.5.45PuzzleCalcuDoku Light Vol 1
4562.5.45PuzzleMahjong Quest Collection
4563.5.45AdventureDino Run : Marathon of Doom
4565.5.45AdventureKingdom of Liars 3
4567.5.45StrategyGarden TD
4568.5.45StrategyMr. Anderson: Gun Shop Tycoon 1.1
4569.5.45RPGBlackguards Special Edition
4570.5.45StrategyOffice Story
4571.5.45AdventureLittle Samurai
4572.5.45ActionDust 2
4573.5.45PuzzleThe LaCoGeSSta Research
4575.5.44ActionAngry Gran Run
4576.5.44AdventureYou Have No Legs
4577.5.44SportRig n Roll
4578.5.44SportGo Kart Go! Turbo!
4579.5.44ActionMe and My Dinosaur
4580.5.44RPGDanger Dungeon
4581.5.44SportBattle Pool
4582.5.44AdventureJohnny Why Are You Late?
4583.5.44ActionYepi's Journey
4584.5.43PuzzleHow Smart Are You?
4585.5.43SportWorld Cup Kicks
4586.5.43StrategyAirline Tycoon 2
4587.5.43ActionPawn Tactics
4588.5.43PuzzlePhoton Zone
4589.5.43ActionGreens Survive only when Reds Die
4590.5.43AdventureSam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse
4591.5.43ActionCity Siege 4: Alien Siege
4594.5.42SportUphill Rush 2
4595.5.42PuzzleSling Junior
4596.5.42ArtDreamsong Catcher
4597.5.42ActionShip Simulator Extremes
4598.5.42StrategySid Meier's Civilization V - Gods and Kings
4599.5.42ActionBomber At War
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5000 Best Games by Arek Paterek (Twitter), 2014.
Score is based on my judgement, Steam, GOG, and Kongregate.