2602.6.38StrategyWargame: Red Dragon
2603.6.38ActionJohnny Upgrade
2604.6.38Adventurepandas BIG adventure
2605.6.38ActionDeath Worm
2606.6.38AdventureGlean 2
2607.6.38PuzzleSnail Bob 4 Space
2608.6.38AdventurePapo & Yo
2609.6.37StrategyWarhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II: Retribution
2611.6.37ActionParasite Strike
2612.6.37StrategyNow Boarding: First Class
2613.6.37AdventureThe Sagittarian
2614.6.37AdventureBit Battles
2616.6.37ActionGlobal Agenda: Free Agent
2617.6.37ActionBoombot 2
2618.6.37SportRace Driver: GRID
2621.6.37ActionSki Runner
2623.6.37StrategyThe Last Shelter
2624.6.37StrategyBubble Tanks Tower Defense 2
2625.6.37StrategyCompany of Heroes: Tales of Valor
2626.6.37ActionPlaying with Fire 2
2627.6.36StrategyExtinct! Are you smarter than a plant?
2628.6.36ActionToy Soldiers
2629.6.36StrategyThe Next Floor
2630.6.36ActionJack the Fugitive
2631.6.36RPGBionic Dues
2632.6.36AdventureAge Of Wind
2633.6.36SportDuckLife 4
2634.6.36Puzzle3 Slices
2635.6.36AdventureEdna & Harvey: The Breakout + Harvey's New Eyes
2636.6.36ActionPaladin: The Game
2637.6.36StrategyThe Leon Wars
2638.6.36RPGSwords and Sandals Crusader
2639.6.36MultiplayerArmy Force Online - Free Multiplayer FPS
2641.6.36ActionRed Fluxion
2643.6.36ActionSave 75% on Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West
2644.6.36StrategyFantasy Kommander
2645.6.36StrategyX3: Reunion
2646.6.36SportRoad of the Dead 2
2647.6.36PuzzleZombie Minesweeper
2648.6.35ActionBrawlin' Sailor
2650.6.35AdventureGet Home
2651.6.35RPGLong Live The Queen
2652.6.35ActionPanzer Elite Special Edition
2653.6.35StrategyEpic Friends
2654.6.35MultiplayerSpectromancer: Gathering of Power
2655.6.35PuzzleMax Damage 2
2656.6.35AdventureLilly Looking Through
2657.6.35StrategyIdle Farmer
2658.6.35AdventureThis is not a minimalist game
2659.6.35AdventureI Can Hold My Breath Forever
2660.6.35ActionInfestation: Survivor Stories
2662.6.35ActionNew York Shark
2663.6.35PuzzleLost Head
2664.6.35AdventureJolly Rover
2665.6.35StrategyBattle Worlds: Kronos
2666.6.35ActionHostage Crisis
2667.6.35PuzzleB&W Link-a-Pix Light Vol 1
2668.6.35ActionHit The Jackpot 2
2669.6.35PuzzleGap Monsters
2670.6.35PuzzlePigs Can Fly
2671.6.34MultiplayerBattlestar Galactica Online
2672.6.34StrategyMarch of the Eagles
2674.6.34ActionZombie Situation
2675.6.34ActionForsaken World
2677.6.34RPGUltima Worlds of Adventure 2: Martian Dreams
2678.6.34ActionTomb Raider: The Last Revelation + Chronicles
2679.6.34ActionMass Mayhem 2
2680.6.34ActionMomentum Missile Mayhem 2
2681.6.34ActionTank 2008
2682.6.34StrategyBug War
2683.6.34StrategyScrap Metal Heroes
2684.6.34AdventureSubmachine 1: the basement
2685.6.34PuzzleRing Pass Not 2
2686.6.34ActionExit Path
2687.6.34ActionRocket Santa
2689.6.34ActionSuper SOPA Bros.
2690.6.34StrategyCat God vs Sun King 2
2691.6.34PuzzleKnightfall 2
2692.6.34RPGElven Legacy
2693.6.34MultiplayerEredan Arena
2694.6.34ActionKill Justin Beaver
2695.6.34PuzzleBieber Bottle Bash
2696.6.34StrategyThe Kings' Crusade
2697.6.33ActionThe Breach
2698.6.33SportAnimal RaceWay
2699.6.33AdventureThe Sagittarian 2
2700.6.33AdventureSideway™ New York
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5000 Best Games by Arek Paterek (Twitter), 2014.
Score is based on my judgement, Steam, GOG, and Kongregate.