301.7.86ActionStrike Force Heroes 2
302.7.85ActionToss the Turtle
303.7.85StrategyBloons Tower Defense 3
304.7.85AdventureSyberia 2
305.7.85ActionHotline Miami
306.7.85ActionBatman™: Arkham Origins
307.7.84StrategyGemCraft chapter 0
308.7.84StrategyPandemic 2
309.7.83StrategyGemCraft Labyrinth
310.7.83SportCycloManiacs 2
311.7.83AdventureGabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned
313.7.82StrategyCommandos 2+3
314.7.82ActionSpace Engineers
315.7.82ActionMax Payne 3
316.7.82StrategyV for Victory
317.7.81AdventureThe Stanley Parable
318.7.81RPGNeverwinter Nights 2: Complete
319.7.81PuzzleThe Company of Myself
321.7.80MultiplayerShellShock Live
322.7.80ActionThe Last Stand 2
323.7.80ActionChivalry: Medieval Warfare
324.7.80ActionSuper Hexagon
325.7.80ActionAlan Wake
326.7.79StrategyTropico Reloaded
327.7.79MultiplayerStronghold Kingdoms
328.7.79RPGWarlords Battlecry 3
329.7.79ActionSerious Sam: The First Encounter
330.7.79AdventureDon't Starve
331.7.79ArtMusic Catch 2
332.7.79AdventureMonster Slayers
333.7.79AdventureTreasure Adventure Game
334.7.79RPGThe Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition
335.7.79AdventureLast Express, The
337.7.78ActionBatman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition
338.7.78PuzzleGravitee Wars
340.7.78StrategyARMA II: Operation Arrowhead
341.7.78ActionRogue Legacy
343.7.77StrategyDeadlock: Planetary Conquest
344.7.77StrategyKnights and Merchants: The Peasants Rebellion
345.7.77AdventureGobliiins pack
346.7.76RPGDragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition
347.7.76ActionBurrito Bison
348.7.76StrategyStick War
350.7.76SportEuro Truck Simulator 2
351.7.75RPGThe Enchanted Cave
352.7.75StrategyPanzer General 2
353.7.75SportDestruction Derby
354.7.75ActionOddworld: Abe's Exoddus
355.7.75RPGMass Effect 2
356.7.75ActionArma: Cold War Assault
358.7.74ActionRayman® Forever
359.7.74SportSensible World of Soccer 96/97
360.7.74MultiplayerDrakensang Online
361.7.73RPGHack Slash Crawl
362.7.73ActionKnightmare Tower
363.7.73StrategyThe Space Game
364.7.73StrategySands of the Coliseum
365.7.73RPGThe Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion® Game of the Year Edition
366.7.72ActionS.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl
367.7.72ActionUpgrade Complete 2
368.7.72MultiplayerShellShock Live 2
370.7.72ArtMusic Catch
371.7.72AdventureSpace Quest 4+5+6
372.7.72AdventureKing's Quest 4+5+6
374.7.71StrategyBadge Master
375.7.71SportF1 2013
376.7.71ActionPOSTAL 2 Complete
377.7.71RPGMight and Magic® 8: Day of the Destroyer™
378.7.71RPGMonsters' Den Chronicles
380.7.71RPGDeus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut
381.7.71AdventureTex Murphy: Overseer
382.7.71RPGTemple of Elemental Evil, The
383.7.71ActionDecision 2
384.7.71StrategyConquest of the New World
385.7.70ActionRunning Fred
386.7.70RPGVampire The Masquerade - Redemption
387.7.70StrategyHostile Waters: Antaeus Rising
389.7.70ActionBoxhead: 2Play Rooms
390.7.70StrategyOriginal War
392.7.70MultiplayerBad Eggs Online
393.7.70ActionKerbal Space Program
394.7.69SportGrand Theft Auto: San Andreas
395.7.69ActionDreamfall: The Longest Journey
396.7.69ActionBrothers - A Tale of Two Sons
397.7.69StrategyJones in the Fast Lane
398.7.68StrategyAnti-Idle: The Game
400.7.68StrategyBattle Realms + Winter of the Wolf
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5000 Best Games by Arek Paterek (Twitter), 2014.
Score is based on my judgement, Steam, GOG, and Kongregate.