2901.6.25ArtFeel the Beats
2902.6.25StrategyBattle for Darkness
2904.6.25ActionOnce Upon A Life
2905.6.25ActionCastle Crashers
2906.6.25PuzzleBob the Robber 2
2907.6.25StrategyShopping City
2908.6.25ActionTETRIS'D: The Game
2909.6.25StrategyCloud Wars
2910.6.25ActionEarth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon
2911.6.25AdventureCovert Front episode 1
2912.6.25ActionDrag Box
2913.6.25PuzzleWere you a Nineties Gamer?
2914.6.25PuzzleGame Development Room (GDR)
2915.6.25ActionSerious Sam HD: The First Encounter
2917.6.24Puzzlei saw her too, with lasers
2918.6.24ActionTankblitz Zero
2919.6.24RPGSword of the Stars: The Pit
2920.6.24ActionZitS: the Saviour - Act 1
2921.6.24StrategyZombie at the Gates
2922.6.24PuzzleSugar, sugar 2
2923.6.24PuzzleLittle Red Riding Hood
2924.6.24AdventureDetective Grimoire
2925.6.24PuzzleScrew the Nut
2926.6.24RPGMight & Magic X - Legacy
2927.6.24MultiplayerTDP3: Ultra Kill
2928.6.24SportSpace Punk Racer
2929.6.24ActionRemember Me
2930.6.24ActionAmberial: Nebulosa Realms
2932.6.24PuzzleWereBox 2
2933.6.24ActionAmerica's Army: Proving Grounds Beta
2934.6.24PuzzleTanooky Tracks
2935.6.24ActionFoul Play
2937.6.23ActionDragon Fist 3D
2938.6.23ActionSoviet Rocket Giraffe Go Go Go!
2939.6.23RPGRunespell: Overture
2940.6.23ActionGunBall 2: Emperor Revenge
2941.6.23StrategyImperial Glory
2942.6.23ActionEndless War 5
2943.6.23ActionThis Is Why You're Fat: In Sixty Seconds
2944.6.23PuzzleChild of a Witch 2
2945.6.23ActionUndead Throne
2946.6.23ActionSniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army
2947.6.23ActionDiepix Arena 2
2948.6.23ActionThunder Wolves
2950.6.23AdventureWonderland Days Sim Date
2952.6.23PuzzleMuseum of Thieves
2954.6.23PuzzleSubmachine 8: the Plan
2955.6.23SportTurbo Rally
2956.6.23SportBig Truck Adventures 2
2958.6.23ActionDale & Peakot
2959.6.23StrategyNow Boarding: Episode 1
2961.6.22SportSMashtastic Cricket : World Cup Hero
2963.6.22ActionSpace Rangers HD: A War Apart
2964.6.22ActionRed Moon
2965.6.22MultiplayerMultiplayer Chess
2966.6.22ArtSupra Mayro Kratt
2967.6.22StrategyOrder of War™
2969.6.22AdventureSurvival Lab
2970.6.22PuzzleSubtle Energy
2971.6.22PuzzleRagdoll Cannon: Remake
2972.6.22PuzzleSpace is Key
2973.6.22PuzzleHell Tetris
2974.6.22ActionMonty's Moon
2975.6.22ActionMicrobe Kombat
2976.6.22ActionDeath Vegas
2977.6.22AdventureSafecracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure
2978.6.22AdventureHood Episode 2
2979.6.22SportAmerican Racing 2
2980.6.22ActionBig Pixel Zombies
2981.6.22MultiplayerSupremacy 1914
2982.6.22StrategyTemple Guardian 2
2983.6.22AdventureThe Cave
2984.6.22ActionVoxel Islands Alpha 0.01
2985.6.22PuzzleHashi Ex Machina
2986.6.22ActionThe Line Game: Orange Edition
2987.6.22StrategyIronclad Tactics
2988.6.22MultiplayerDeadly Gambling
2989.6.22PuzzleDrop Dead
2990.6.22PuzzleDropSum v2
2991.6.22Puzzle3 Slices 2
2992.6.22ActionMarc Eckō's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure
2993.6.22PuzzleOpen Doors
2994.6.22ActionBionic Commando
2995.6.22SportScreamer 2
2996.6.22StrategyCossacks II: Battle for Europe
2997.6.22PuzzleMedical School
2998.6.22ActionDeath to Spies
2999.6.21AdventureNeighbours from Hell Compilation
3000.6.21RPGWings of Destiny
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5000 Best Games by Arek Paterek (Twitter), 2014.
Score is based on my judgement, Steam, GOG, and Kongregate.