1201.7.03StrategyTotal Annihilation: Kingdoms + Expansion
1202.7.03PuzzleHome Sheep Home 2: Lost in London
1204.7.03ActionEnough Plumbers
1205.7.03ActionCactus McCoy
1206.7.03RPGBaldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition
1207.7.03ActionSAS: Zombie Assault
1208.7.03StrategyFly Or Die Multiplayer
1210.7.03AdventureStill Life
1211.7.03ActionVertical Drop Heroes
1212.7.03ActionTasty Planet
1214.7.02StrategyEarth 2160
1215.7.02ActionAssassin's Creed™: Director's Cut Edition
1216.7.02StrategyShadez: The Black Operations
1217.7.02RPGAge of Wonders Shadow Magic
1218.7.02RPGGothic 3
1219.7.02ActionRed Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45
1220.7.02StrategyCombat Mission: Beyond Overlord
1221.7.02MultiplayerDawn of the Dragons
1222.7.02ActionTomb Raider: Legend
1223.7.02ActionWings of Genesis
1224.7.02MultiplayerScorched Earth
1225.7.02MultiplayerWar of Omens
1226.7.02AdventureDust: An Elysian Tail
1227.7.02MultiplayerZombies! Apocalypse - MMO Zombies Massacre
1228.7.02AdventureNeighbours From Hell Compilation
1229.7.02ActionSanctioned Renegades - Multiplayer FPS
1230.7.02ActionLEGO The Lord of the Rings
1231.7.02AdventureTex Murphy 1+2
1232.7.01StrategyFallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel
1233.7.01StrategyTerritory WAR Online
1234.7.01RPGKing's Bounty: Armored Princess
1235.7.01StrategyCat God vs Sun King
1236.7.01ActionLa Mulana
1237.7.01AdventureLeisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail!
1238.7.01StrategyDarkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron Game
1239.7.01SportYou Are The Road - Molyjam 2012
1242.7.01StrategyFrontline Defense First Assault
1243.7.01StrategyEmpire Earth 2 Gold Edition
1245.7.01ActionJoe Danger 2: The Movie
1246.7.01AdventureUru: Complete Chronicles
1247.7.01MultiplayerBuggle Connect
1249.7.01PuzzleSushi Cat
1250.7.01SportCyclomaniacs Epic
1251.7.01StrategyFarming Simulator 2013 Titanium Edition
1252.7.01StrategyPapa's Pancakeria
1253.7.01StrategyDominions 3: The Awakening
1254.7.00ActionLegends of Kong
1255.7.00AdventureEther One
1256.7.00ArtObey the Game
1257.7.00StrategyWarhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate
1258.7.00ActionQuake IV
1259.7.00RPGBaldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition
1260.7.00Adventureno-one has to die.
1262.7.00RPGAvadon 2: The Corruption
1263.7.00RPGLone Survivor: The Director's Cut
1264.7.00PuzzleKick Out Bieber
1265.7.00StrategyKohan II: Kings of War
1266.7.00ActionReachin' Pichin
1267.7.00ActionDay of Defeat
1269.7.00StrategyThe Great Siege
1270.7.00ActionGun Mayhem
1271.6.99ActionAlien Shooter 2: Reloaded
1272.6.99SportNBA 2K11
1273.6.99ActionBattle of Britain: 303 Squadron
1275.6.99AdventureUtopian Mining
1276.6.99StrategyMushroom Revolution
1277.6.99MultiplayerThe Secret World
1278.6.99ActionEffing Worms
1279.6.99ActionNuclear Outrun
1280.6.99ActionThis is the Only Level 3
1281.6.99MultiplayerGib Fest Multiplayer
1284.6.99AdventureKentucky Route Zero
1285.6.99RPGGeneforge 1-5
1286.6.99AdventureStrong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People: Season 1
1287.6.99StrategyDangerous Waters
1288.6.99AdventureBroken Sword 3 - the Sleeping Dragon
1289.6.99ActionRed Ball 2
1290.6.99ActionDigital Combat Simulator: Black Shark
1291.6.99RPGJade Empire™: Special Edition
1292.6.99PuzzleLightbot 2.0
1293.6.99RPGSwords and Sandals 3: Solo Ultratus
1294.6.99SportTrackMania² Canyon
1295.6.99AdventureBookworm Adventures Deluxe
1296.6.98MultiplayerPower Paintball
1297.6.98StrategyAnno 1404
1299.6.98ActionAct of War: Direct Action
1300.6.98RPGDragon Age™: Origins Awakening
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5000 Best Games by Arek Paterek (Twitter), 2014.
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