108.9.0World Randomness8M99.0%FUS RO DAH!!!  -  Finally found original upload of the prank footage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmM00LDnLBI (video is older but original poster)beppstein3GT
146.8.9World Randomness44M99.0%A DRAMATIC SURPRISE ON A QUIET SQUARE  -  To launch the high quality TV channel TNT in Belgium we placed a big red push button on an average Flemish square of an average Flemish town. A sign with the text "Push to add drama" invited people to use the button. And then we waited... Discover here what happened or visit http://www.tnt-tv.be foturnerbenelux
419.8.6World Randomness15M98.0%The Ohio State University Marching Band - TBDBITL Halftime 10-6-12 Video games Nebraska  -  You have to see this halftime performance of The Ohio State University Marching Band on 10/6/12 against Nebraska. The theme was Video games and it included parts from Zelda, Halo, Pokemon, Tetris, and others. Don't miss the running horse at 6:00. This is another amazing halftime by the OSUMB. Be suHandMRowGoBucks
735.8.3World Randomness5M99.0%FUS RO DAH!!!  -  Skyrim, FUS RO DAH!!! Original: http://youtu.be/6WOz6x40UbMmrgavinfuller
849.8.3World Randomness6M98.0%元首Rap:江南Style Gangnam Style from Hitler  -  I already added some translations in the video. Just for fun! 转贴自 www.Bilibili.tv,由肥魚製作上傳,做的蛮有意思。yuanjin8899
907.8.3World Randomness1M99.0%Story of a Sentry [Saxxy Awards 2012]  -  [Winner of Saxxy Awards 2012 Best Overall]. This short film tells the story of an Engineer and his Sentry. My entry for the Saxxy Awards 2012. Music: More Gun - Valve (TF2). Halls Of Science - Valve (Portal 2). Friendship etc. - soimon. Death - soimon. Afterlife - soimon (http://youtu.be/5YN1YnqdjPsoimon
1030.8.2World Randomness34M98.0%【那些年,我們一起追的女孩】電影主題曲《那些年》官方正式MV  -  「那些年,我們一起追的女孩」電影原聲帶, 本月在iTunes整張專輯購買就有30%OFF的優惠, 限時特賣!iTunes URL: http://smarturl.it/dydiqv 【那些年,我們一起追的女孩】電影主題曲《那些年》 演唱:胡夏/作曲:木村充利/作詞:九appleofmyeye2011
1156.8.2World Randomness11M99.0%Halloween Light Show 2011 - Party Rock Anthem  -  Website: http://www.creativelightingdisplays.com. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CreativeLightingDisplays 2011 Halloween Light Show -- Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO. 4 singing pumpkin faces, tombstones, hand carved pumpkins, strobes, floods and thousands of lights. Most all lights have been changedKJ92508
1241.8.1World Randomness9M96.0%Misheard Numa Numa Lyrics  -  Numa Numa video with mishead lyrics that sound insane. Edit: I know that the song is actually Romanian, that's why it says "MISHEARD" in the title. I make no claim that these are the actual lyrics, so stop telling me that I'm stupid, because I know they're false. If you can't understand that the wosbrools
1407.8.1World Randomness6M99.0%震撼全人類的視頻,看完這個你們有什 感受.flvrddxam
1472.8.0World Randomness9M98.0%This is Sparta! Last techno remix  -  THIS IS SPARTAAAA...!fondacaroalfonso
1506.8.0World Randomness10M98.0%梁靜茹-會呼吸的痛MV  -  梁靜茹-會呼吸的痛MVfishleong106
1511.8.0World Randomness2M99.0%Practical Problems [SFM]  -  Please comment and like the video here. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=85361796. Thanks to all who supported this through the saxxys. As many of you know this video was made long before the saxxys were announced and was never really intended to be part of it. I make videos asmonkeyjunkie160
1638.8.0World Randomness10M98.0%Benny Hill Theme  -  The Theme from Benny Hill xDkurbiekirk
1665.8.0World Randomness4M99.0%Зал плакалkirillavto
1667.8.0World Randomness7M98.0%А ну быстро домой!  -  Народ, автор видео не я! Все восхищения можно отправить хозяйке этих двух змечательных животных. Её страница здесь: http://odnoklassniki.ru/profile/531020301514MultiLittlebigfoot
1799.7.9World Randomness42M88.0%Golden Eagle Snatches Kid  -  A golden eagle tries to snatch a baby in Montreal! What if he got away with it!? Un aigle royal attaque un jeune enfant sur le Mont-Royal! UPDATE: This video is a hoax produced by Antoine Seigle, Félix Marquis-Poulin, Loïc Mireault and Normand Archambault, students at Centre NAD Details: http://bMrNuclearCat
1880.7.9World Randomness6M98.0%Clint Mansell - Requiem for a Dream Remix  -  Clint Mansell - Requiem for a Dream Remix -Not My Work - The file was originally called " Requiem for a Dream Remix"-Chuubii
1950.7.9World Randomness3M99.0%The PSYning (ORIGINAL)  -  Snowed in and isolated for months with only the sound of K-pop to keep you company? It'll play tricks on your mind eventually. No copyright infringement intended. All rights attributed accordingly.IncognitusYT
1952.7.9World Randomness2M99.0%Portal - Still Alive typography  -  The ending song to Portal in a typographic animation. This time with no typos.Kilrok
2032.7.9World Randomness3M98.0%IU- GEE/LIES/SORRYSORRY  -  Rate And Comment Thanks =D. IU's Acoustic Version Of. Gee. Lies. Sorry Sorry http://www.facebook.com/pages/K-pop-Listener-D/384766335030?v=wallNoObJyez94
2066.7.9World Randomness1M99.0%TF2 Heavy sells Kaboom  -  Heavy Weapons Guy wants to get in on some of that sweet infomercial action. The Heavy narrates Billy Mays's Kaboom commercial. Sounds are property of Valve and images property of Billy May's and whoever else has ownership to the Kaboom infomercial.splininka
2210.7.8World Randomness4M98.0%Выборы! Выборы! Кандидаты - пидоры!  -  гр.Ленинград записала новую песню про выборыmilitary0o
2343.7.8World Randomness18M95.0%"EL FERRAS. o r i g i n a l  -  EL FERRAScagandoando
2427.7.8World Randomness10M96.0%Manau - La Tribu De Dana  -  Nouveau titres de Manau : http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=iv&src_vid=4NRqSrPTPv8&annotation_id=annotation_467362&v=UEpzez_H2CI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpHRfV8Eu0g. Paroles: Le vent souffle sur les plaines de la Bretagne armoricaine. Je jette un dernier regard sur ma femme, mon fils et mmooncapps
2464.7.8World Randomness9M94.0%Stratos jump successful! ORIGINAL VERSION  -  The Stratos Jump. Scale 1:350. Watch the stratos jump - this time in LEGO.E12xNn1Zs17LTutSxIYoBw
2626.7.7World Randomness6M99.0%Достучаться до небес - Мелодия слез  -  О фильме: http://annetteboleyn.blogspot.ru/2012/12/knockin-on-heavens-door.html Музыка: The Daydream - I miss youVanKrock
2665.7.7World Randomness4M97.0%What if Obi-Wan had used Force Speed?  -  The answer to an age-old debatervdleun
2849.7.7World Randomness5M98.0%michael blackson 1st amendment stand up[full]  -  the african king of comedy, the best standup ever!!!! who want`s some publicity plz contact meDINAMOro
2945.7.7World Randomness9M99.0%Halloween Light Show 2011 - This Is Halloween  -  Website: http://www.creativelightingdisplays.com. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CreativeLightingDisplays. This one is for you all that sent me lots of messages stating you wanted to see the NBC song from the movie. Oh, dont mind my girl running out of the house...I didnt notice until after I wKJ92508
3369.7.6World Randomness8M98.0%Golden Globes 2011 - Ricky Gervais Opening Monologue  -  Ricky Gervais opening monologue from the 2011 Golden Globe Awards 2012 Golden Globe Awards opening monologue: http://youtu.be/YQrMGlIE79M © Copyright Dick Clark Productions Inc.jdfunari
3370.7.6World Randomness22M93.0%Chaves Maconheiro  -  Chaves Quico e seu Madruga maconheirosdedessorj
3470.7.6World Randomness3M98.0%squirrel goes rampage on my kitchen and escapes like a boss  -  TIL, squirrels have built in parachutes. This is my kitchen, I filmed this, I have additional footage and I'll try to answer all messages.Finn83
3477.7.6World Randomness3M98.0%No! This is Patrick!  -  This was inspired by a 4chan thread I saw the other day. Credit goes to Anonymous. I've shortened it a bit a threw in a little more at the end. UPDATE 8: http://www.spartaspizza.com "Voted Best of Northshore 2010, Readers' Choice Award, Best Pizza". UPDATE 9: Two. Million. Views. UPDATE 10: I addedItamiBukoto
3575.7.6World Randomness3M99.0%Bad Apple!! (HQ, Download, English subtitles)  -  Bwahaha THREE MILLION VIEWS! Another Touhou video from Niconico. These lyrics are different than those found at the Touhou Wikia and in many other versions of this video, but they have been checked by a native Japanese speaker and are correct. The English translation by Cristina Vee is a loosely trwhispersiichan
3612.7.6World Randomness3M98.0%PSY 싸이-강남스타일 Gangnam Style 안무 Dance Ver.  -  I do not have rights for this video. All rights belong to YG and PSY. Thanks for watching the video. All honors to KMUSE of APU.APUKMUSE
3658.7.6World Randomness1M99.0%Source Filmmaker - Meet the Family  -  In celebration of the SFM announcment I decided to finish this video I've been working on on and off since the middle of 2011. You can expect new videos from me in the future, so if you want more it would be smart to subscribe. Music: Michael Giacchino - Glory Days (0:00-1:15). Michael Giacchino - TheDKer
3664.7.6World Randomness3M98.0%Skyrim : Dovahbear  -  Without hesitation, a most ambitious bear of Skyrim takes on the role of Dragonborn along with all of the responsibilities. http://www.facebook.com/joebowz http://www.twitter.com/Joe_bowz http://www.districtlines.com/bowz http://www.ohbowz.com. Music: "The Descent" by Lynnemusic via Neosounds.com. AnimBowz
3733.7.5World Randomness5M98.0%Девчонка круто поётGlebFedosov
3736.7.5World Randomness0M99.0%ДОШИРАК (도시락)  -  Подписывайтесь на канал! Скоро новые ролики. Вступайте в нашу группу Вконтакте! http://vk.com/tupokruto Видео, анимация, звук - Паша Бородин http://vk.com/pashtetuz В ролях - Олег Апарин htPashtetuZ
3779.7.5World Randomness6M98.0%Muppet Show Moreno and Animal  -  Animal, the Muppet Drummer, play drum so as Rita couldn't sing! SO Hilarious!dooliloo
3891.7.5World Randomness3M99.0%schemat musi być (dj problem remix)  -  produkcja: Sarnatr0matic
3984.7.5World Randomness2M99.0%Key and JoKwon - Beyonce dance.avi  -  me encanta como baila key y tbm jokwon y mi sueño se hizo realidad de verlos bailar juntos al ritmo de beyonce xDAzura16
4031.7.5World Randomness8M98.0%Kimberley陳芳語首波主打[愛你]官方版MV(HD)  -  ► 下載 Kimberley陳芳語 首張同名專輯. Download Kimberley's first album on iTunes at http://smarturl.it/ed8i0c ►下載 Kimberley陳芳語"愛妳"單曲 on iTunes at http://smarturl.it/om6ryg ► Kimberley{愛你}A Cappella版 http://itun.es/i6jk9Lv "Kimberley" Facebook官方臉書粉itsKimberleyChen
4175.7.5World Randomness23M92.0%Filho Mata Mãe a Facadas e Xinga imprensa  -  Emílio, 32 anos, foi preso em Cerro Azul, no Paraná. Ele diz que assassinou a mãe a facadas porque ela estaria usando seus cartões de crédito sem autorização. De acordo com a família, Emílio é viciado em crack e cocaína e tem um histórico de problemas mentais. Mais informações sobre oMarcosfull2012
4218.7.5World Randomness4M98.0%tros fort le mec  -  tros fort le mec il dessine trop bien !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!alexis862
4219.7.5World Randomness8M95.0%Funk Como eu tô bandida - Valéria e Janete , Zorra Total (Mc Koringa e Dj Woody)  -  Para baixar o Funk Como Eu Tô Bandida, Click no Link -http://t.co/VK2PMQmDilosobrall
4265.7.5World Randomness14M97.0%Eu Te Amo Tanto  -  É a música feita pelo ex olodum, Lázaro, que Deus esta falando, que o ama tanto...guilhermeib100
4266.7.5World Randomness6M97.0%Max Boublil - Ce soir...  -  Un petit clip que j'adore. Cette chanson parle d'une balade amoureuse... enfin jusqu'au refrain...Oroschi
4319.7.5World Randomness4M97.0%Tummy Talk: An Epic Drum Solo  -  Download the back-slapping ringtone from iTunes today! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/tummy-talk-feat.-matt-nickle/id592549194. Check it out as these three drummers lay down some sweet beats on this mans tummy! Tummy Talk is an experience of human sounds that cannot be described, but only seen. sqwakdotcom
4324.7.5World Randomness19M87.0%South Park Mac vs. PC  -  Tutorial on how to create your own South Park video: http://bit.ly/sptutorial. A parody of the Mac vs. PC commercials with South Park characters. Created as the final project for a multimedia production class at California State University Northridge (CSUN). There's an error in the credits: South Phuber7
4379.7.5World Randomness2M99.0%Team Fortress 2 - The Demo Knight  -  Presenting new project in the same style as Law Abiding Engineer. GoTTam City is under attack by the evil forces of Spy. And there is only one man who can stand against him! Volume is pretty low, its ok in full quality verson though. As before, there you can find all 9 characters and 2 more - the BTrueOneMoreUser
4431.7.5World Randomness28M94.0%Ken Block jumps his rally car 171 feet  -  Ken Block jumps his rally car 171 feet in November 2006 for Discovery Channel´s show "Stunt Junkies". Don´t forget to check out Ken´s 2007 highlight clip in the video responses! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwsRkoza48ocledussnowman
4433.7.5World Randomness2M99.0%Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog - Brand New Day  -  The last song to Act 2 of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Featuring Neil Patrick Harris, Felicia Day, and Nathan Fillion. Watch the rest on DVD in stores now :)cutemeowth
4434.7.5World Randomness3M98.0%Mark Hamill Laughing  -  Mark Hamill is The JokerzCraXz
4478.7.4World Randomness2M99.0%Chris Paul Scores 61 Points in High School for His Grandfather  -  Chris Paul scores 61 points in High School for his Grandfather in 2002. A very touching story about Chris Paul - a must see. Chris Paul scores 61 points in a High School game for his deceased Grandfather who was murdered, one point for every years of his Grandpa's life. Chris Paul's Stats. Born: 5/lilandy1
4479.7.4World Randomness3M98.0%أقوى فيديو تحفيزي في العالم  -  فيديو تحفيز | تنمية بشرية | وظفنى شكرا | وظفني شكرا | ابراهيم الفقي www.wazaaf.infowazaaf
4570.7.4World Randomness2M98.0%MV เพลงรางวัลของครู  -  MV เพลงรางวัลของครูKharudee
4575.7.4World Randomness7M97.0%Voice ALL the Original Pokemon!!  -  stalk ALL the things: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/brizzyv. Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/brizzyvoices. Vlogs: http://www.youtube.com/BrizzyVlogs. My attempt at all of the first generation Pokemon. The ones that defined my childhood and will always have a special place in my heart. Let me knbrizzyvoices
4624.7.4World Randomness3M99.0%Turk does Poison (Scrubs)  -  Turk from the show Scrubs does his best Bel Biv Devoe impersonationcoolhand719
4632.7.4World Randomness4M99.0%Skyrim Archer SkillShot 4 (headshot)  -  New GTA IV video : "Granny's Skillshot" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_gsdMjyFXw. New SKYRIM video : "Cabbage Rain" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOt3Xl4H9lo. Special thanks to Jackal326 for Thumbnail pictureMrTeamVideo
4693.7.4World Randomness9M97.0%El chavo del ocho 2009 Antes Y Despues  -  Fotografias de los personajes del chavo del ocho Antes y despuesjuliancarvajalmontes
4711.7.4World Randomness12M97.0%O Re Piya - Rahat Fateh Ali Khan  -  A song from Rahat's new album and from film Aaja Nachle. *Good Quality Audio Only*itsharis999
4715.7.4World Randomness5M98.0%красивая музыка.. послушайтеnatali5062
4720.7.4World Randomness20M91.0%Pai, cadê meu pinto  -  Gostaria de agradecer a todos vocês aos mais de 10 milhões de vistos no vídeo! Muito obrigado! Felipe Pluska - Copyrihg 2006*arthur7547
4727.7.4World Randomness2M99.0%Cockatiel sings Victorys Fanfare(Final Fantasy)  -  My cockatiel named Kame-chan sings Victorys Fanfare(Final Fantasy)blackwhite810
4733.7.4World Randomness4M97.0%9-ти летняя девочка перепела Кристину Агилеру.  -  просто шикарно !1dziuba1
4736.7.4World Randomness4M97.0%pengamen cilik kota subang - kreatif dan merdu  -  suaranya meru, melayu banget. selamat menyaksikan. Nama ku Tegar, pengamen jalanan WISMA KARYA SUBANG....kendy160
4748.7.3World Randomness147M65.0%Barack Obama Hillary Clinton - Umbrella  -  SORRY!! I GOT A COPYRIGHTS CLIAM AND HAD TO DO AN AUDIOSWAP... New Music is : artist: 009 Sound System song: High All Day it's on YOUTUBE AUDIOSWAP. Spoof of the Democratic race between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. This is a hilarious music video set to the tune of "Umbrella" by Rihanna. Guys,wolf084
4749.7.3World Randomness3M99.0%ตุ๊กกี้_แม่ไม่ให้พ่อเข้าบ้านtiidacha
4760.7.3World Randomness2M98.0%Dwyane Wade: "The Clinic"  -  A compilation of Dwyane Wade career highlights. Song Title: 300 Violin Orchestra - Jorge Quintero. All Glory to God.yckim17
4762.7.3World Randomness6M95.0%офигенный свадебный танец!10220948
4769.7.3World Randomness2M99.0%yo,un tigre y un leon  -  Dedicado a todos los amantes de los animalesOLIMARHUELVA
4775.7.3World Randomness13M97.0%Mike de Mosqueiro Tcha nana nanana  -  Essa figura faz voz e violão nos quiosques de uma das principais praias de Belém. É um talento nato!HenriqueCMCorrea
4781.7.3World Randomness3M97.0%Enrique Pena Nieto ¿Presidente de México?  -  Un pequeño resumen de los errores y horrores de la carrera política de Enrique Peña Nieto en camino para ser candidato del PRI a la Presidencia de México. Desde su relación con Arturo Montiel, la misteriosa muerte de su esposa, las mentiras, los engaños, hasta los traspiés sufridos últimameMexicoDespierta2012
4802.7.2World Randomness4M99.0%《好朋友只是朋友》 - 郁可唯  -  好朋友只是朋友 还是朋友 不能够占有 我知道什么时候回头 不打扰你的自由 认识你也许我就足够了 缘分的深浅我都不管了 可能你感动 也看不见我心如刀割, 哪怕很痛过 至少就不算错过 爱人不是最好的朋友 朋友再好也不能牵flub26
4806.7.2World Randomness9M97.0%Kiss - Dublado e Legendado  -  O primeiro clipe Kiss, dublado e legendado em português no YouTube. Um dos melhores video clips que eu ja vi na minha vida, nessa versão feita por mim, o clipe está com a musica em português e legenda. Espero que gostem! Obrigado. Paulo e Taísapauloetaisa
4856.7.1World Randomness3M93.0%Les Nouvelle perles du bac 2012 !  -  Comme chaque années " les perles du bac " nous régalent. Cette année plus encore !420Hermes
4885.6.9World Randomness5M97.0%Dry feat Sexion d'assaut - Mon défaut  -  Extrait du nouvel album de Dry , Tôt ou tard. Le 20 février dans les bacs!DocteurHagla
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