271.8.7Street Arts3M99.0%O Fortuna Misheard Lyrics (Animated)  -  A messy little animation I've been working on for the last two weeks or so.FamishedMammal
364.8.6Street Arts11M99.0%best dance  -  PS : i do not own this clip...LuanNguyen9x
371.8.6Street Arts11M98.0%I am a champion - the greatest speech ever [ENG SUB]  -  You wanna get pumped and motivated before important match or game? Watch this video and and start celebrating victory. - The music is from "The Last of the Mohicans" - For many blinders - yes, they won. It's said at the end. - I don't have original video anymoreplutonka1989
445.8.5Street Arts12M98.0%Flight Of The Conchords - Jenny  -  Flight Of The Conchords - Jennyasianscion
486.8.5Street Arts11M99.0%The Greatest Speech Ever Made  -  The creator of this video is in desperate need of assistance. If you have been inspired or moved by this mash up and would like to help a young, struggling self-taught filmmaker stay afloat please consider following the link to the paypal account and donating anything you can. Thank you. -12/28/201thelakeysisters
488.8.5Street Arts41M98.0%Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus - Must See!  -  http://www.AlphabetPhotography.com - On Nov.13 2010 unsuspecting shoppers got a big surprise while enjoying their lunch. Over 100 participants in this awesome Christmas Flash Mob. This is a must see! *You can now purchase the audio from this performance on ITunes, and Amazon.com! Just search "ChrisAlphabetPhotography
576.8.4Street Arts11M97.0%2yr old Makena sings Adele...so cute  -  My 2yr old daughter loves Adele and sings along!heatherfedorick
607.8.4Street Arts14M98.0%Flight of the Conchords - Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros  -  Flight of the Conchords - Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenocerosluckyluc10
798.8.3Street Arts19M99.0%Piano stairs - TheFunTheory.com - Rolighetsteorin.se  -  Follow us on http://www.facebook.com/thefuntheory. We believe that the easiest way to change people's behaviour for the better is by making it fun to do. We call it The fun theory. http://www.thefuntheory.comRolighetsteorin
851.8.3Street Arts19M96.0%Hardstyle Battle: Shuffle vs Jumpstyle  -  Song list : Dark Oscillators - Stereophobia. Headhunterz - Power Of The Mind. DJ Slideout - Bloody Pimp. Showtek - FTS (Fuck The System). Trance generators - Do you want a ballon. Headhunterz - The Sacrifice. Melbourne Shuffle VS Jumpstyle. Hardstyle Dance Battlesham1337
1011.8.2Street Arts4M100.0%Michael Winslow - Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin (Senkveld med Thomas og Harald)  -  More videos from the norwegian talkshow «Senkveld med Thomas og Harald» here!: http://www.tv2.no/Senkveld/FifaDragZ
1038.8.2Street Arts18M97.0%Russell Peters - Beating Your Kids  -  Now he's talking about y parents should beat their kids! SERIOUSLY gotta watch it!arommendahl
1039.8.2Street Arts12M98.0%The Voca People  -  The Voca People is an international vocal theater performance combining vocal sounds and an acapella singing with the art of beat-box. WWW.VOCA-PEOPLE.COM Artistic Director: Lior Kalfo Music Director: Shai Fishman Producers: Revital & Lior Kalfo. Performers: Eyal Cohen, Oded Goldstein, Liraz Rahmin6746623
1069.8.2Street Arts10M98.0%Arrested Drunk Guy Sings Queens Bohemian Rhapsody  -  Robert Wilkinson, got arrested for intoxication and didn't agree with the charges.After pleading his case, he decides to belt out his emotions.. through the music of Queen.sheissexychick
1207.8.1Street Arts9M97.0%Whitest Kids U' Know: Abe Lincoln  -  Another sketch from Whitest Kids U' Know, this one concerning the assasination of Abraham Lincolnspparr24
1317.8.1Street Arts6M99.0%DEADLINE post-it stop motion  -  Go watching SECOND EPISODE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AW4W4K8MWY. Here is THE MAKING OF : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArJYvaCCB3c. This is my senior project at Savannah College of Art and Design. Where my idea comes from is that every time when I am busy, I feel that I am not fighting withbunliu
1381.8.1Street Arts7M99.0%Famous Carlton Dance (a compilation)  -  A compilation of Carlton's dances from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air TV series. btw the song is "It's Not Unusual" by Tom Jones. For all those who asked in the comments.cybercobra
1383.8.1Street Arts10M97.0%Touch My Body (Tuts My Barreh) / Karaoke Fail (English subtitles)  -  If there's a camel up a hillmornder
1463.8.1Street Arts9M99.0%Twilex -- Alex and Twitch hip hop  -  Alex Wong and Twitch Top 9 hip hop to Nappy/Tabs. Twilex is amazing!! Rights are own by fox so you think you can danceroman0102
1464.8.1Street Arts5M98.0%CPDRC Inmates Gangnam Style (2012)  -  Due to insistent public demand, the world renowned dancing inmates of Cebu finally had their own version of Psy's Gangnam Style music video. Despite the heavy rain yesterday afternoon, Sept. 29, at least a thousand inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) entertainUqaZnfE8Xh83sMnQLzJzEQ
1599.8.0Street Arts35M94.0%!!!Melbourne Shuffle Compilation 3!!! www.melbshuffle.com  -  The 3rd Compilation in the series! Enjoy! UPDATE 28/1/2013. The biggest thing ever to hit the Melbourne Shuffle scene is now back! Introducing the new home of the Melbourne Shuffle with all new videos, shufflers, a brand spankin new website and fresh new merchandise. Sign up is FREE! Get amongst! Wjack40k
1625.8.0Street Arts5M99.0%Greatest Father Daughter Dance Medley Ever!  -  Fun, upbeat father daughter dance! (Make sure you watch the whole video). Ashley and David in Houston, TX. Live on Good Morning America video: http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/video/viral-father-daughter-dance-live-gma-14880496ashnicsparks
1674.8.0Street Arts31M98.0%Jeff Dunham Achmed's "Jingle Bombs"  -  Achmed sings a christmas song, enjoy! Text: Dashing through the sand with a bomb strapped to my back. I have a nasty plan for Christmas in Iraq. I got through checkpoint A, but not through checkpoint B. That's when I got shot in the ass by the US Military... [it's not funny!]. Oooh, jingle bombs, jSmakgakgak
1965.7.9Street Arts7M98.0%Ebay Parody Song - Weird Al Yankovic  -  Go to our website for more: http://www.lametrain.com/ebay.shtml. The eBay Song. Originated from Backstreet Boys' I Want It That Way. A cool parody song about eBay and it's usage in our lives. Thanks!lametrain
2043.7.9Street Arts8M98.0%drum and bass  -  street drum and bassblafla
2074.7.9Street Arts16M96.0%iPhone4 vs HTC Evo  -  I need an iPhone 4 | Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/tinywatch | Twitter: @tinywatchestinywatchproductions
2191.7.8Street Arts3M98.0%You're Gonna Miss Me, Lulu and the Lampshades  -  You can purchase the recorded version of this song (with an extra verse) at our bandcamp: http://luluandthelampshades.bandcamp.com/track/cups-youre-gonna-miss-me. Lulu and the Lampshades are now Landshapes. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/LandshapesLulapinga
2192.7.8Street Arts24M99.0%Kseniya Simonova - Sand Animation (Україна має талант / Ukraine's Got Talent)  -  Ксения Симонова - Песочная анимация stb (5.06.09) F.A.Q. : - full list of music (thanx to LikaFortuna): 1. Cirque du Soleil - Jeux d'Eau 2. В.Лебедев-Кумач - Священная война 3. Марк Бернес - Темная ночь 4. Apocalyptica - iamlikeasea
2356.7.8Street Arts12M97.0%Alegría - CIRQUE DU SOLEIL  -  Alegría from Cirque Du Soleil-Midnight sunoGaKirA
2385.7.8Street Arts8M98.0%Its Over 9000!!! [Original Video and Audio]  -  The classic, its over 9000!!! video without anything extra.chowderrockz
2444.7.8Street Arts7M98.0%Fristajlo  -  Freestalo by Kazach mastahSiever
2445.7.8Street Arts17M97.0%Jabbawockeez - Step Up 2 Deleted  -  From the DVD of Step Up 2: Jabbawockeez. Music: 0:08-0:18 - Custom song (thats what i heard) 0:19-1:08 - Stuck by Fingerbangerz 1:09-1:18 - Don't Say Nothin' by The Roots 1:19-1:28 - We Came Here To Party by Tony Yayo 1:29-1:37 - just someone talking 1:38-3:34 - We Came Here To Party (custom DJ remPalani667
2476.7.8Street Arts11M98.0%Dave Chappelle- Sesame Street  -  Dave Chappelle's stand-up about Sesame Stree on Killing Them SoftlyChuke911
2706.7.7Street Arts6M97.0%Нереальный танец японца...как он это делает- (HD)  -  http://vk.com/kap4ikago вступаем) ежедневные обновления) больше людей - больше обновленийBobKap4ik
2707.7.7Street Arts13M96.0%Amazing gymnast 4 yr. old Gabby Tina Turner Dance  -  Amazing Gymnastics 4 Yr. old little girl (Gabby) she is awesome. Can 4-Yr. old try out for the Olympics? A MUST WATCH TO BELEIVE... Watch her Tina Turner Dance !cvusd619
2708.7.7Street Arts5M96.0%Menina de 10 anos cantando Adele vira famosa.  -  Menina de 10 cantando adele vida famosa juntamente com seus 2 irmãos que fazem o grupo (Vazquez Sounds).silas56ful
2748.7.7Street Arts4M98.0%The most inspiring video you will ever watch!  -  *This is a repost of a video that a friend of mine made. He posted it to a car website to inspire the members there. I wanted others to see the video so that they too could be inspired. For all those wondering, Julia is still alive and Roger continues to run for her sake. So this isnt a video aboutnuki255
2868.7.7Street Arts10M96.0%Tecktonik vs. Shuffle Girls  -  here is a dance battle of my two fave kind of dances. pure girls. who do u think will win....Songs: 1. Global Deejays ft Technotronic- Get up 2. Dj Dean- Play it Hard 3. Deejay Bola- Private Jet 4. Deepforces- Last Wish 5. Relanium- Lee Lost 6. Deepforces- HarderZudokato
2997.7.7Street Arts14M98.0%Pink Glove Dance  -  Our employees put together this video to generate breast cancer awareness throughout our hospital system. We had a ton of fun putting this together and hope it inspires others to join in the causeotmills
3223.7.6Street Arts14M98.0%Flight of the Conchords Ep 4 If You're Into It  -  If you want me to. I could hang 'round with you. If I only knew. That's what you're into. You and him. Him and you. If that's what. You're into. Him hanging 'round. Around you. You're hanging 'round. Yeah, you're there too. And if you want me to. I will take off all my clothes for you. I will take r8dkid
3297.7.6Street Arts9M98.0%Pants On The Ground American Idol  -  *All Rights to American Idol 2010 and Fox*. The infamous Pants on the Ground guy General Larry Platt. Catchy song! LYRICS: Pants on the ground. Pants on the ground. Lookin like a fool with you pants on the ground. Gold in your mouth. Hat turned sideways, pants hit the ground. Call yourself a cool cyankovic44
3592.7.6Street Arts4M99.0%Mukhtars Fødselsdag - Flash Mob - Bedre Bustur  -  English/Danish. On May 5th it's Mukhtar's, a bus-driver in Copenhagen, Birthday. In 2010 he had no idea that a large group of people had planned to celebrate him... D. 5 Maj 2010 havde buschaufføren Mukhtar fødselsdag. Det var der også mange andre der vidste, så Mukhtar fik sig en glædelig ovebybirdKadaver
3750.7.5Street Arts5M96.0%shuffle girl  -  shuffle girlkatxx2
3751.7.5Street Arts6M98.0%Dios! Es una niña con voz de mujer o.o  -  Checa esto o.oamerik131
3752.7.5Street Arts13M96.0%Ken Lee or Without you by Mariah Carey (ENGLISH SUBTITLES)  -  Learn how to Make Money online: http://tinyurl.com/6s3fvw7. A contestant in the second season of the Bulgarian show "Music Idol" performs Mariah Carey's song "Without you" in fake English. The contestant's name is Valentina Hasan, 29 years old. She's from the village of Zvezdelina, in the KardzhaliArathBenedek
3856.7.5Street Arts4M98.0%Kid dancing to Thriller at Safeco field (SWAG BRO SWAG) HDcarlosmarquez2013
3903.7.5Street Arts3M98.0%Beatboxing Flute "Hard Knock Life"  -  Beatboxing Flute player Greg Patillo in an ode to Jay-Z. I shot this on a trip to NYC in May 06.staylor2000
3960.7.5Street Arts8M98.0%Party Rock Anthem - choreography tutorial I Street Dance Academy episode 4  -  This video was created for everybody that joined our flashmob. Now that it is over I have decided to leave it online since a lot of people seem to enjoy it. Don't forget to subscribe and add me as a friend. More videos are coming up. Want more free classes? go to www.streetdanceacademy.net. For cooMrSteeveAustin
3961.7.5Street Arts28M97.0%BGT FINAL -Paul Potts  -  Paul's 3rd studio album 'Cinema Paradiso' on Amazon: UK: http://tinyurl.com/2aywsh4. US: http://tinyurl.com/23u63wz. DE: http://tinyurl.com/23tfdlb. Please check out/ Bitte aufrufen : http://www.justgiving.com/PottsyWalks as Paul walks from Port Talbot to London to raise funds for children in Haitimyredroom
3996.7.5Street Arts4M99.0%CONMOVEDORA AUDICION DE EMMANUEL KELLY - THE X FACTOR.flv  -  http://www.facebook.com/DogtorSapiens En esta audicion de the factor x el joven EMMANUEL KELLY que de niño es rescatado de un albergue por causa de la guerra y sorprendera con el tema "imagine" de Jhon Lennon y de seguro te llegara a tu corazon. Te invito a visitar mi web donde expongo una filosofdogtorsapiens
4047.7.5Street Arts3M99.0%Dubstep Beatbox @ Edinburgh Festival  -  taken with a Canon Eos 550D; 50mm 1:1.4. His name is 'Dave Crowe'xDMACKxD
4090.7.5Street Arts7M97.0%Step Up 2 - The Streets - Final Dance  -  Step Up 2 - The Streets - Final Dancemrwizard08
4391.7.5Street Arts18M91.0%Louis and Zach- Ding Dong Song  -  Us lip syncing the Ding Dong Song http://twitter.com/ZbailZ http://twitter.com/louiecelano http://twitter.com/yeahbrosiveyeahbrosive
4392.7.5Street Arts6M96.0%Groovy Dancing Girl  -  MUSIC: COPYWRITE EMI-Music by DAFT PUNK - "Harder Better Faster Stronger" dancing by me: http://www.krop.com/sophiemerry/. Please RATE & FAVORITE this video! Sowra ag damhsa. http://www.krop.com/sophiemerry/BandyToaster
4491.7.4Street Arts11M94.0%Hip Hop Drummers  -  Hip Hop Drummersstropstix
4538.7.4Street Arts2M98.0%They are Taking The Hobbits To Isengard  -  Lord of the rings funny song. They are Taking The Hobbits To Isengard download it at http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/audio/hobbitsMajkic666
4586.7.4Street Arts13M91.0%Shuffling at school on a boring day  -  I DON'T OWN ANY OF THESE SONGS . FOLLOW US ON TWITTER @daliaaaa_ & @_LilMamii *. Instagram : @kkarlitaaaa @littledaliaa. Kaotic : Gray & Black Basket Ball Shorts. Lil Mamii: Wearing Boots. Boots : Basketball/Jean Shorts. Classy : purple shirtt. ADD US , on faceboook twinsshuffle@yahoo.com ♥KaoticBaby26
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