37.9.3Babies45M98.0%Emerson - Mommy's Nose is Scary! (Original)  -  My five-and-a-half-month old son Emerson isn't sure what to think when I blow my nose. Sometimes he's terrified, then he can't stop laughing.mandkyeo
366.8.6Babies14M98.0%The Cutest Argumentwalidsibrahim
1221.8.1Babies78M89.0%Chubby cuppy cake boy  -  A cute chubby boy singing cuppycake song, watch his eyebrows at the end... PRICELESS! Btw... i believe this kid is lipsync-ing, but he did it perfectly. Looks like he really sings it. Additional Information: www.cuppycake.com. Song: Your My Honeybunch (The Cuppycake Song). Artist: Amy Castle at ageleogunawan
1255.8.1Babies14M98.0%Talking Twin Babies - PART 1 - OFFICIAL VIDEO  -  twin baby boys have a conversation. find more of the boys' adventures at my wife's blog. visit http://www.twinmamarama.com/jayrandall22011
1730.8.0Babies21M97.0%Charlotte: No no no  -  Filmed after a long car ride, Charlotte had a lot to say..."no". As seen on: Inside Edition, Today Show, Tonight Show, O'Reilly Factor, CNN, HLN, Fox News, UNIVISION, and your local newsSENCYR37220
1983.7.9Babies105M94.0%I don't like you Mommy  -  Kids say the funniest things. Watch as my 3 year old tells me what he thinks of me. FREE Iphone/Ipad app about Justin: http://itunes.apple.com/app/id494863213. Android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.viralspiral.mommycopgirl406
1984.7.9Babies15M96.0%Amy Castle - The Original Cuppycake Video  -  Best baby shower song ever! Get the Cuppycake song and 11 other original songs on the album BALLOONS: www.cdbaby.com/cd/buddycastle. Have you been racking your brain for the perfect first birthday or baby shower gift idea? Babies outgrow clothes, shoes and toys, and sometimes you don't know if it'ssonoman
2033.7.9Babies8M97.0%Charlie bit me Auto-Tuned  -  Charlie bit my finger auto-tune. I DIDN'T MAKE THIS VIDEO. I only split charlie part from the original. Copyright to schmoyoho (GregoryBrothers). AKA Auto-tune the News and Barelypolitical. Charlie Ringtone From Gregory Brothers Site: http://thegregorybrothers.com/ringtones/charliebitme.m4r. Originsondemo
2141.7.8Babies14M96.0%When a 3 year old is asked about monsters  -  See what a 3 year old says when mom asks her about monsters.slearl
2246.7.8Babies32M94.0%What is so funny?  -  baby laughing in bumbochamsa07
2852.7.7Babies7M97.0%Laughing Quadruplets - The Next Day  -  This video was taped the day after I taped the "laughing qaudruplets" video that was on America's Funniest Home Videos... www.mathiasquads.orgsmathias
3166.7.6Babies27M94.0%2 Funny Babies Laughing  -  I found these 2 babies on Youtube and decided to put them in one clip. It's very funny, for those who haven't seen them yet. Enjoy :)BBaracus
3330.7.6Babies47M93.0%Best Baby Laugh  -  Morgan's laugh is like no other. If this one makes you laugh more will follow.gkandel
3332.7.6Babies42M93.0%Baby break dance  -  www.KennyTenny.com. Break Dancing Babykennytenny
3517.7.6Babies28M89.0%Ninja Baby  -  Wilkinson Sword Ninja Baby Commercialcryptnexus
4080.7.5Babies7M98.0%Baby Eats a Sour Lemon  -  My 10 month daughter loves Lemons. watch her squirm and go back for more!dlsulliv
4320.7.5Babies11M96.0%YouTube - Babies Eating Lemons for the First Time.mp4  -  i love the small babies:)manoj555111
4377.7.5Babies35M95.0%Evian Baby Dance - Black Eyed Peas Pump It  -  Related Youtube: http://youtubecars.tv, http://youtube32tv.blogspot.commcarmine1
4626.7.4Babies8M96.0%Laughing baby  -  This is the original video of the laughing baby and I am the creator of it.spacelord72
4713.7.4Babies38M95.0%Ninja Baby  -  Cute!princessladyjane
4740.7.3Babies58M94.0%Twin Baby Boys Laughing at Each Other  -  http://laughingtwinbabies.blogspot.com/. Funny Twin babies laugh at each other. Four months old. Peyton on the left, Brennan on the Right (P&B). Pretty cute and funny.wildminer
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