4006.7.5Randomness13M96.0%Don't Ever Scare Black People  -  Prank to scare a man on Halloween goes wrong...Funnypyost100
4034.7.5Randomness16M95.0%YZF R1 Go Kart  -  1000cc 150Hp go kart.. has soo much torque its hard to rip it in a straight line..Nynexx
4057.7.5Randomness4M97.0%Video censurado varias veces - ENERGIA GRATIS.flv  -  Esta es la traducciòn en castellano de un video que fue censurado varias veces. Si te interesa el argumento, tenes la obligaciòn de bajarlo y publicarlo en tu canal y/o blog. Difundamos este importantisimo material. Read more: 2012 ULTIMAS NOTICIAS http://2012ultimasnoticias.blogspot.com/2011/09/5611cp
4058.7.5Randomness2M98.0%「フミコの告白」 Independent animation「Fumiko's Confession」  -  自主制作短編アニメーションです。ある一人の女の子が告白する話です。 DVDとメイキング本が発売中です。http://colorido.co.jp/fumiko/ http://www.amazon.co.jp/exec/obidos/ASIN/4990665503/ ニコニコ動画 http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm8750089. It is indepishidahiroyasu
4078.7.5Randomness9M96.0%Miracle Baby - Kayleigh Anne Freeman  -  http://kayleighannefreeman.blogspot.com/. I do not own this video. Kindly visit the above site to know more about Kayleigh Ann Freeman. As a mother, my heart aches to see how the child is fighting for her life. I can feel how hard it is for her mother to see her daughter undergoing all those surgernylejares
4100.7.5Randomness11M98.0%10 hours of "What is love" (Jim Carrey, v.1)  -  What is love? v.2: http://youtu.be/09m0B8RRiEE http://youtube.com/e7magic ← for more 10 hours vids http://youtu.be/P_45eXWnbaQ ← longest name ever? Starring (from the left): Chris Kattan. Jim Carrey. Will Ferrell. Original movie (skit) and many more videos with these 3 guys: http://youtube.com/e7magic
4120.7.5Randomness8M97.0%1 Hour of Fails! Huge Compilation!  -  Money can help you to live a better life, if you want to make 50-100 USD daily using your computer click below for more info: http://www.MONEYMOBILEMONOPOLY.com 1 Hour of Fails! Huge Compilation!ViperSnake52
4121.7.5Randomness14M95.0%ой,не могу,я ржал!!)))))  -  ой,не могу,я ржал!!)))))V1KTAR
4127.7.5Randomness3M99.0%World's Coolest Flight Attendant  -  welcome aboard . LOL :Dshabbooo7
4145.7.5Randomness10M98.0%Tommy Emmanuel - Guitar Boogie  -  Another version of Arthur Smith's "Guitar Boogie". This version by Tommy is one of my favourites. Great playing by the guitar master!guitarjjte
4159.7.5Randomness15M96.0%Boston Dynamics Big Dog (new video March 2008)  -  Boston Dynamics just released a new video of the Big Dog on ice and snow, and also demoing its walking gait.olinerd
4178.7.5Randomness3M97.0%ファルコン☆パーン(イ゛ェアアアアアMIX)  -  From SSB. MP3: http://www.sendspace.com/file/gt881w. I also got a request for the raw video, so here it is in .avi form: http://www.sendspace.com/file/aglr0j. The title transcribed into English is: Falcon 168kv_sorted.txt 168kv.txt 174kv_ids.txt 30kv_0sorted.txt 30kv_0.txt 5kv_cat2.txt 5kv_cat.txt 3vocd
4196.7.5Randomness13M94.0%Crazy Trampoline stunt  -  It's fun to do, once you get over the whole "height" thing.JesJam
4202.7.5Randomness7M98.0%Tracy McGrady: 13 points in 33 seconds  -  December 9, 2004: In one of the greatest last minute comebacks in NBA History, Tracy McGrady took the Houston Rockets on his back and beat the San Antonio Spurs. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/multimedia/photo_gallery/0912/all-decade.nba.memorable.performances.2000s/content.4.htmluhmean
4207.7.5Randomness17M90.0%Guiness World Record for most T-Shirts worn at one time.  -  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fN1NXTuLaTA3ToeOne
4208.7.5Randomness15M98.0%David Beckham crazy pass (cross)  -  Without a doubt, on of the greatest passes i'v ever seen in my life.markunn
4220.7.5Randomness8M99.0%LEGO Great Ball Contraption (GBC) Layout 2012.9  -  Lego Great Ball Contraption (GBC) in my house. my own 17 modules tracking the blue and red balls. running at 1.0 balls/sec 500 balls size : 1.5m×6.5m path length : 31m construction time : 600 hours my blog http://legokarakuri.blog91.fc2.com/ 1. ball factory (inspired by superbird28) 2. zigzag staiakiyuky
4223.7.5Randomness6M98.0%Iverson Practice!  -  Allen Iverson says practive 20 times in a press conference. One for the ages.gordievsky
4230.7.5Randomness4M98.0%WheelChair Back Flip  -  Aaron doing stuff on his Wheel Chair including a Back Flip its like a skate video for the handicappedjusticeforcollin
4241.7.5Randomness6M97.0%russell peters: be a man  -  great ethnic comedy about chinese and indian merchants. the guy does a great chinese accent inpersonation...im chinese and i find it hilarious cos its so true!!!daezjn
4242.7.5Randomness2M99.0%Will Smith shares his secrets of success  -  http://accelerateme.net/how-will-smith-created-his-ideal-life/ - Will Smith shares his success philosophy. For more on this, click the link above.AccelerateMe
4246.7.5Randomness4M97.0%YouTube - Hoa tau guitar.flv  -  Cac em nho trieu tien danh dan tuyet voiboywar1412
4264.7.5Randomness4M99.0%Cortometraje: Que quiere decir virgen.(original) what's virgin mean! Subtitulado  -  Me gusto este cortometraje y yo solo le puse subtitulos en vegas 7.0 me quivoque en la parte donde dice Yes, lo puse tal cual pero pues todo mundo sabe que quiere decir eso. Cortometraje. Director: Michael Davies. Writer: Michael Davies. Stars: Kate Isitt and Rebecca Duffycronovan
4270.7.5Randomness10M93.0%esta chica me dejo sin palabrasjonsjtm95
4272.7.5Randomness3M99.0%Rajnikanth at chennai silks sarees  -  Rajni is in everyone, he is omnipresent. Check out this guy who works at chennai silks, he's got mad skills. Uploaded by someone on facebook, so some vague credit goes to her. Rajni - "Naan solrathaiyum seiven, sollathathiyum seiven." i.e. "I will do what I say, I will also do what I don't say.". Ithedarkhorse87
4280.7.5Randomness4M99.0%U.S. Marine Surprises His Sister During College Graduation Ceremony  -  Watch the best CHRISTMAS homecomings! - http://youtu.be/2SjVXFItWnQ "Our son, recently home from Afghanistan, surprises his sister during the graduation ceremony at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. She was extremely disappointed when we told her he would not be back until tTheBobjohnson1984
4293.7.5Randomness5M98.0%frank caliendo  -  Frank Caliendo on Letterman as John Maddenrhombaloin
4321.7.5Randomness5M97.0%AMAZING TALENT AND PEOPLE COMPILATION  -  a compilation of amazing things that you thought to be impossible. All credits go to www.wimp.comkrnassassin1
4327.7.5Randomness10M96.0%Weird ping pong match  -  bizzare ping pong. A good show. Exhibition. Entertainment, ever heard of that people? they're not playing to win. Hope you enjoy the audio :Dhooah
4333.7.5Randomness3M97.0%Star Trek Meets Monty Python  -  Star Trek Meets Monty PythonStarshipConductor
4393.7.5Randomness9M92.0%Anonymous - Message to the American People  -  Dear brothers and sisters. Now is the time to open your eyes! In a stunning move that has civil libertarians stuttering with disbelief, the U.S. Senate has just passed a bill that effectively ends the Bill of Rights in America. The National Defense Authorization Act is being called the most traitoranonymous04210
4436.7.5Randomness4M99.0%祝!九州 九州新幹線全線開CM180秒  -  http://cromagnon.livedoor.biz/archives/2011-03.html#20110309 鹿児島〜博多まで。沿道で新幹線を祝福する、九州の人々。九州ってステキな所だと思った。色々みつけたら、つぶやきます! http://twitter.com/#!/cromagnon1969crmgn1969
4437.7.5Randomness5M97.0%Oliver Kahn in Action  -  The Greatest Goalkeeper of the late 90's, early 2000's. Shows why he deserved all the awards he has won. Oliver Kahn, best keeper in my opinion. The Song used is a unique composition, called Rocking with the Best by OneAct2wrestlerat
4439.7.5Randomness10M95.0%Это лучший прикол что я когда-либо видел  -  Управление судьбой - А ты так можешь? ЭТО НУЖНО ВИДЕТЬ!!!291264321
4481.7.4Randomness7M98.0%Algo que las mujeres no pueden hacer  -  ¡No que muy salsas con la igualdad de generos y oportunidades pues! Canción: All Star - Smash Mouthjumbonionga
4483.7.4Randomness7M94.0%World Freehand Circle Drawing Champion  -  Alexander Overwijk draws a perfect freehand circle 1m in diameter in less than a second.gravylookout
4530.7.4Randomness8M94.0%learn to fight in 5 min  -  this video is from the series "Human Weapon" on history channel. SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE! ~I DONT OWN THIS VIDEO OR SONG AND I DONT WORK WITH THERE OWNERS I ONLY USE THEM FOR ENTERTAINMENT OF OTHER'S~. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright kinanawidat1
4531.7.4Randomness11M94.0%Football skills  -  This is Soufiane Touzanisyazwan
4547.7.4Randomness6M95.0%R.I.P. CassieKristinaMilinW
4548.7.4Randomness4M99.0%Metal Gear Solid 2 / 3 Theme (Eminence Symphony Orchestra)  -  Orig. composed by Harry Gregson-Williams & TAPPY. Performed at 'A Night in Fantasia 2007: Symphonic Games Edition' • BUY OUR ALBUMS! http://store.eminenceonline.com / http://www.eminenceonline.com • JOIN OUR FACEBOOK! http://facebook.com/EminenceOnline • FOLLOW OUR TWITTER! http://twitter.comdimix86
4576.7.4Randomness12M97.0%747 Landing - St.Maarten  -  KLM 747 Landing St. Maartensergejbojic
4596.7.4Randomness9M95.0%The Best Of Borat  -  The Best of Borat - from the original british series.RunOn
4598.7.4Randomness5M98.0%Jim Carrey - tribute to Clint Eastwood ( AFI )  -  Clint eastwood afi jim carrey impression imitation comedy funny tributeMusclesfromsomewhere
4625.7.4Randomness5M98.0%猫ダイビング大失敗  -  2階のベランダからの逃亡ダイビング失敗 着地後は無事だったようで走り去って行きました。TheCOCOandLEON
4629.7.4Randomness6M95.0%Roller Coaster Accident Crazy Duck  -  Roller coaster accident duck attack style! Me and my friend tried to see how fast we could get the duck to spin. We can safely say that we pushed the duck way beyond its limits! I know it wasnt a roller coaster! But we kinda turned it into one!Jojjoman
4636.7.4Randomness6M97.0%The Big Bang Theory - Penny's Christmas gift to Sheldon  -  A little background... Earlier in the episode, Sheldon planned to have multiple presents ready for Penny so he could give her a present equal in value to the one she gave him. This is how it turned out... The clip is obviously property of CBSbizarbus
4640.7.4Randomness2M98.0%How do japanese multiply??  -  Well a rather interesting video ! How japanese multiply, a rather simple mathematic computation,or not? :D Please enjoy :D!15XG
4675.7.4Randomness12M93.0%award winning funny commercial  -  award winning very funny commercialdeclantwinkle
4680.7.4Randomness3M99.0%ДДТ-Осень  -  Клип ДДТ на песню осень3220SPIDER
4684.7.4Randomness2M98.0%Rammstein VS Cookie Monster  -  Cookie Monster sings with Rammstein. Das Krümelmonster sagt NEIN! (Clip contains fragments of copyrighted material, copyright not held by the publisher, presented under fair use)2496mastering
4690.7.4Randomness5M98.0%СМОТРИ!! Перед Ним ВСТАЛ ВЕСЬ ЗАЛ! ЖМИ!.wmv  -  Талант, Перед Ним Встал Весь Зал! Смотри Красиво)) И не забудь зайти на http://mihailkozlov.commasteruspehacom
4702.7.4Randomness17M94.0%4 Banned Commercials!!  -  Outrageously funny!!!maecat
4708.7.4Randomness27M87.0%funny scary pranks!  -  some pranks! enjoy! subscribe to the prank couple: www.youtube.com/prankandspank source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWwJ0cCtWOs http://brokenwings.pinkbike.com/buysell/WillTheFrozen
4745.7.3Randomness14M91.0%bebe asustado...evelyvana
4766.7.3Randomness3M98.0%Yeah lamb  -  Just a lamb saying yeah. NOTE: The content in this video stems from an original home movie. This is merely a parody. The original video can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyESOpJ3RH4Jimbomcdeans
4777.7.3Randomness13M98.0%Não fecha a porta, tá? Tranquilo? (Oficial)  -  A menina Isabela (2 anos) fica revoltada e quer explicações sobre a porta que foi fechada. Two years old girl negotiating with dad about the closed door. Criamos página da Isabela no Facebook, visite: http://migre.me/29kzImeninaisabela
4784.7.3Randomness18M92.0%The birth and death of a Hemangioma  -  Hemangioma vascular birthmark information http://www.birthmark.org/msyankee2u
4791.7.3Randomness60M81.0%Dragon Ball - Cena Censurada Episódio 002  -  Veja mais vídeos: http://www.2nerds.com.br/curiosidades/episodios-censurados-de-dragon-ball. Cena censurada do episódio 002 do anime Dragon Ball. Créditos ao fansub Kintoun que legendou este episódio.blog2nerds
4796.7.2Randomness8M93.0%top 10 animales graciosos  -  Algunos titulos no tienen mucho que ver con el video pero a nosotros nos hicieron reir esperamos que almenos os riais con uno cualquier duda decidlo en un comentarioTheEspacioCreativo
4797.7.2Randomness48M89.0%Camara Escondida - Confusion de baños  -  Cámara escondida muy divertida de unos hombres que entran a los vestidores y se llevan una agradable sorpresa xD.DaRkJaTh
4807.7.2Randomness3M99.0%Zorro Kills Thief in Lecture Prank (with Mariachi Band), University of Michigan  -  A lecture prank involving a choreographed fencing fight scene, mariachi band and lots of mustaches. Btw, we didn't give the professor any kind of warning this was going down. We pulled this off in an Organic Chemistry 2 lecture, at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. There were some 18 people in412Nathan
4838.7.1Randomness7M94.0%اضحك ساعه كامله وبدون ملل مع اجمل كاميرا خفيهWaEeLTv
4839.7.1Randomness16M89.0%Foto que chocou o mundo  -  para todos que acham que tem o que reclamar da vidaarielleiterodriguese
4850.7.1Randomness14M98.0%Official Ojai Valley Taxidermy TV Commercial  -  NOPE T Shirts @ http://www.ojaitaxidermy.com. This commercial was created by YouTubers Rhett and Link (http://youtube.com/rhettandlink) as part of their TV show Commercial Kings on IFC. Watch the full episode to see how the commercial was made HERE: http://bitly.com/chucktestaepisodeojaivalleytaxidermy
4855.7.1Randomness8M94.0%Bear Grylls [Monkey] peeing in his own mouth - Hilarious  -  Hilarious monkey peeing in his own mouth!! I think he might have learned from Bear Grylls... Thumbs up if you enjoyed!TTK0671
4881.6.9Randomness89M84.0%"Chocolate Rain" Original Song by Tay Zonday  -  GET THE REMIX!: http://www.playtay.com. ON FACEBOOK! http://www.facebook.com/tayzonday1. FREE MP3! Right-click and SAVE! http://www.tayzonday.net/Tay_Zonday_Chocolate_Rain.mp3. This MP3 is subject to a Creative Commons License. Creative Commons License Details: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/bTayZonday
4899.6.8Randomness6M91.0%Double Dream Hands!  -  John Jacobson teaches his original choreography for the song Planet Rock. Planet Rock is an original composition of John Jacobson and all credit goes to him. The original video is also available for free viewing on his website at http://www.musicexpressmagazine.com/choreography.jsp. This video has fisheloph
4902.6.8Randomness4M96.0%Rammstein Sonne (cover) - Children Medieval Band  -  The Rammstein team had this video posted on the R+ site: http://www.rammstein.de/en/news/there-is-a-future-for-rockn-roll/. On May 20th 2012 the kids opened up for the Rammstein concert at Denver Coliseum, Colorado, and played this song (after Ich Will) in front of a great audience of 10,000 peoplecartemarte1
4911.6.7Randomness13M85.0%لا تتسرع بالحكم [Don't Judge too Quickly]  -  If you like Subscribe and Follow us on : Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/zombiekemoo. Twitter : https://www.twitter.com/zombiekemozombiekemoo
4915.6.6Randomness6M96.0%Hanna and Caleb's Shower Scene - Pretty Little Liars 1x18 Sneak Peek  -  http://bit.ly/qiNP7H. Promo clip from Pretty Little Liars Episode 18 "The Badass Seed.". Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburnlifeisdivinechaos1
4917.6.6Randomness25M90.0%الكلب مضحك  -  أبو نور يجيب الجديدsaid43100
4918.6.6Randomness58M77.0%taking lives, este levi's  -  http://goo.gl/3Ohcl unmistakably ethan hawke and angelina jolie scenemylabyrinths
4940.6.4Randomness28M84.0%Lions mating in the Serengeti  -  Two lions on top of a rock in the Serengeti mating.spikethedog78
4957.6.2Randomness6M75.0%Kid on Bike Eats It  -  My home security camera caught this happen...LOL. Edit: For everyone asking what kind of camera it is, I believe it is THIS one: http://www.mobotix.com/eng_US/content/view/full/25611xFiGGiE
4962.6.1Randomness4M88.0%htf double whammy episode 1 2 3 4  -  Episode double whammy part 1 .2.3.4 .MrAome96
4964.6.1Randomness7M90.0%Eruption after person falls in lava lake of volcano (test with organic waste, garbage, trash)  -  **NEW: Spectacular nighttime explosive eruption: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8V3wvR4N5Zs **. Incineration of waste in Erta Ale Volcanoes lava lake. It is frequently discussed whether it is possible to sink in lava. Due to its high density, a person would generally be expected to remain on the suPhotovolcanica
5000.4.5Randomness1M95.0%Nakurwiam Węgorza [10 minut]  -  świat ma gangnam style. my mamy nakurwiam węgorza5000best
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