501.8.1348K95.5%Ian Rush does the LFC Harlem Shake  -  Liverpool FC legend Ian Rush does the Harlem Shake with fans in Jakarta at the 'Garuda Indonesia Liverpool FC Experience' in Senayan City MallLiverpoolFC
502.8.1198K95.2%HARLEM SHAKE (ANGRY GRANDPA EDITION)  -  Let's do the Harlem Shake! From the Angry Grandpa Show!TheAngryGrandpaShow
503.8.187K99.1%Harlem Shake (Thai Ver.) จาก เอ - อีฟ  -  เข้ามากด like และ พูดคุยกันได้ที่นี่น้าา http://www.facebook.com/a.eve.fanpage รายชื่อนักแสดง กีตาร์ - เอ สโนไวท์ - อีฟ ผ้าขาวม้า - แพร หน้Phadhachannel
504.8.1365K97.5%Harlem Shake, Marine Corps edition  -  the russians still own the harlem shake title...they had a fucking t-rexWorldGirlstv
505.8.1262K95.7%Harlem Shake (Call of Duty Edition)  -  This was hilarious to make! Take a second and leave a Like rating? Lets hit 100 likes! Buy the song on iTunes: http://bit.ly/HARLEMSHAKE. Follow me on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ipodtouch2gbob. This is a Call of Duty parody of the Harlem Shake videos that have been going viral, hope you guys eUnexclusiveGaming
506.8.1185K98.1%Rádio Comercial | Harlem Shake  -  Siga a Comercial - http://www.facebook.com/RadioComercial. FINALMENTE! O Harlem Shake da Rádio Comercial!Radiocomercial
507.8.1464K93.2%Dom Mazzetti vs. The Harlem Shake  -  Can't escape the Harlem Shake. T-shirts: http://www.districtlines.com/MikeandGian. Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/RealDomMazzetti. Twitter: http://twitter.com/DomMazzetti. Facebook app: http://full.sc/DomOnFacebookDomMazzetti
508.8.1388K96.8%HARLEM SHAKE 3.0 [Weather Man Version]  -  Credit to filthy frank for this kind of concept! !!PLEASE NOTE!! I Know this isn't like the real harlem shake videos but hell this looks funny and I though let's just give it it's own twist. Copyright to Bauuer. Purchase on Itunes: http://bit.ly/HARLEMSHAKE. Purchase on Beatport: http://s.beatport.BpHQuex
509.8.142K98.8%FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Ruin a Randomer Episode 41 FIFA 14, The Harlem Shake, Q&A  -  Hey guys. So yeah. First Ruin a Randomer in a while, and it's using the team from the Squad Builder. Interesting game, to say the least, and for those of you that stay to the end, there is a very special treat :)NepentheZ
510.8.1105K97.3%Harlem Shake v105  -  thats right git itjp
511.8.174K97.8%The Harlem Shake vs. BecomingYouTube  -  DrewIsSharing (http://youtube.com/drewissharing) made me do this instead of editing the next Becoming YouTube. I hate him. Also, that's Drew dancing (six times) in this video. Inspired by our friends SAM (http://youtu.be/jhKw0tRTUn8), JASON (http://youtu.be/QoVFs9efi8c), PJ (http://youtu.be/saplIUqninebrassmonkeys
512.8.12M84.8%Harlem Shake (Florida Gators Edition)  -  Albert, Cheerleaders, Dazzlers, and Band Members do the Harlem Shake! Song: Harlem Shake by Baauer. Thanks to the original video and all the parodies for the idea.FLGatorsAthletics
513.8.141K98.9%PRESENTADORA SE DESMAYA EN VIVO  -  Gracias por mirar , recuerda darle me gusta y compartelo con un amigo http://facebook.com/ronnygtx http://twitter.com/ronnygtx. Una lavadora se auto destruye con un ladrillo, señor con una metralleta detiene un autobus en russia, una conductora de tv se desmaya en vivo y una vagina asesina son loronnygtx
514.8.190K97.8%Harlem Shake (Filipino HOS Edition)  -  You know just ... Just chillin' at the House of Steez. TWITTERS @JRAquino @denisecailles @rexy_roidz @danyagabana @jmguda @ariel_sfJRAquinomusic
515.8.1332K95.9%Harlem Shake UCF Edition  -  This is who we are: unrivaled, unshaken, united. Fifty years in the making with a spirit that is second to none. This is UCF!UCFHarlemShake
516.8.1646K93.8%The BEST Harlem Shake Compilation  -  I do not own any of this content. SONG NAME: Harlem Shake - Baauer. Harlem Shake VDK. Harlem Shake (Matt and Kim Edition). Harlem Shake VDK. The Harlem Shake. The Harlem Shake. Harlem Shake v Bikini Edition ---OFFICIAL--- BIGGEST Harlem Shake (University of Texas at Austin) OFFICIAL. Harlem Shake Okarolisass
517.8.1205K96.6%Kid President's Harlem Shake  -  Kid President took a time out from tomorrow's episode to...Well, y'know. Do, the Harlem Shake with some pals. Also: Tune in tomorrow for a VERY special video from Kid President! SONG NAME: Harlem Shake - Baauer. Join the party: http://kidpresident.com. Twitter: http://twitter.com/iamkidpresident. Esoulpancake
518.8.0203K98.7%Harlem Shake V7 (PIANO FIRE)  -  Just a typical day in the back yard...not. The Original - http://youtu.be/8vJiSSAMNWw v1 - http://youtu.be/384IUU43bfQ v2 - http://youtu.be/W52rnrwG9p0 v3 - http://youtu.be/0IJoKuTlvuM v4 - http://youtu.be/pbhskUXZIIk v5 - http://youtu.be/5wZRiu1ly-8 v6 - http://youtu.be/Z1FFlCLzSaQ. Do not own thetaspring27
519.8.0183K98.4%Harlem Shake (planeta atlântida edition) - Pretinho Básico  -  Pretinho Básico | Rede Atlântida @ planeta atlântida 2013. Atlântida - RS. BrasilQ7zNO4jatZMRcP2VAwRt7w
520.8.0105K97.2%Swiftor Says Harlem Shake - LAST ONE I SWEAR. - Call of Duty Black Ops 2  -  Really - no more. This is the last one. Never again. Scouts honor. Probably. By the way, thank you to everyone who's subscribed to me - whether you've been subbed for years or 10 seconds - THANK YOU. More links: Learn how to join my games: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0zn850W_m4. Our forums: httswiftor
521.8.044K99.0%Harlem Enchente - Harlem Shake  -  Com as recentes chuvas torrenciais de São Paulo os ralos do QG Chacota não aguentaram tanta água. Isso não nos impediu de fazer o Harlem Shake. Outros vídeos de Harlem Shake: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWt_OByJmUk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8f7wj_RcqYk. Original: http://www.youtube.comchacotatelevision
522.8.0561K94.9%Harlem Shake Army Style  -  Harlem Shake Army StyleTheCubeNews
523.8.0688K93.0%Harlem Shake Special Firefighter and Ambulance Edition  -  Many Harlem Shake Videos of Firefighters and Ambulance. You want to create a Harlem Shake Video? Harlem Shake Video Maker Pro https://itunes.apple.com/app/harlem-shake-video-maker-pro/id604700959?mt=8. Links of the Original Videos [BEST Harlem Shake] FIREFIGHTER #2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhlangerNOH112
524.8.0201K97.2%Harlem Crente (do the Harlem Shake)  -  os crentes tambem fizeram sua versão de Harlem Shakeoasideia1
525.8.0171K97.0%Harlem Shake: Dillon Francis  -  Harlem Shake: Dillon Francis at a Taco Bell in Irvine, CA. We had to... Potato Will Eat You. Subscribe here: http://full.sc/14X4Zmt http://www.potato.tv http://www.twitter.com/POTATOwillEATuPOTATOwillEATyou
526.8.0287K97.3%Harlem Shake (army Edition)  -  this is the ORIGINAL VIDEO!keithjr19
527.8.097K97.1%Harlem Shake (GMM Edition)  -  Check out our Harlem Shake Roundup: http://youtu.be/J-b_wkkVxhM. SUBSCRIBE for daily GMM episodes: http://bit.ly/subrl2 174kv_ids2.txt 5khs_counts.txt 5khs_desc2.txt 5khs_desc.txt authors.txt average.txt d2.sh date.txt descriptions.txt dist1a.txt dist1.txt dist2a.txt dist2.txt h8k ids2.txt ids3.txtrhettandlink2
528.8.047K98.8%Harlem Shake: Minecraft Chicken  -  You asked for it....here it is! Harlem Shake Minecraft Chicken Edition. If you enjoyed that hit that LIKE button! It helps a lot! Facebook http://www.facebook.com/CToastKen. Twitter http://twitter.com/cinnamontoastk ....failCinnamonToastKen
529.8.0284K96.5%El mejor Harlem Shake del MUNDO  -  El mejor Harlem Shake del MUNDO el que diga que no, pues esta MAAAAALLLLlioncillo1
530.8.0323K96.9%Husker Football First Day of Spring Practice  -  "Good first practice! We have some improvements to make...dancing being one..." -@BoPelini. Huskers do the Harlem ShakeHuskerAthletics
531.8.0328K94.4%BHANGRA HARLEM SHAKE REMIX - Jus Reign  -  I know I'm extremely late on this. I know. I've been living without WiFi in the UK... life's hard out here son. BUT KINI DOLIYAAN'CH JAAN. Special thanks to KWG Bhangra Team (Leicester) for being a part of this. TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/JusReign. FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/JusReign. SJusReign
532.8.052K98.1%Harlem Shake in a Nutshell!  -  Submission by: http://youtube.com/DavisPixelVillage. Take a second to RATE/FAV the video! ------------------- Twitter: http://twitter.com/GameSproutYT. Facebook: http://facebook.com/GameSprout. Google Plus: http://gplus.to/gamesprout ------------------- Playlists/Shows: Accidental Win - http://www.GameSprout
533.8.0312K96.8%The Harlem Shake (THAI) ระบาดนักเรียนไทย!!SEEMORE913
534.8.0326K96.3%The Harlem Shake Compilation part 9 [ONLY THE BEST]  -  subscribe to FreshFailsArmy Thnx http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=FreshFailsArmy. Like FreshFailsblog on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Freshfailsblog. LINKS TO ORIGINAL VIDEOS IN DESCRIPTION. SONG NAME: Harlem Shake - Baauer *ALL COPYRIGHTS go to Baauer or whoever is in chargFreshFailsblog
535.8.0767K92.8%Best Harlem Shake Complation HD  -  The best Harlem Shake videos, I find these videos incredibly entertaining and want to share the best Harlem Shake videos! Playlist : http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHmJnOgRWyThNl4J6ffzBnJP_rAuwq7ya. Original Harlem Shake : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vJiSSAMNWw. I do not own the music toalewisgb
536.8.0425K95.7%The Harlem Shake Compilation  -  Le nouveau délire du web se nomme "The Harlem Shake" et a débuté avec la publication de la vidéo DO THE HARLEM SHAKE. (http://www.youtube.com/v/8vJiSSAMNWw ) Le but étant de danser frénétiquement dans des postures les plus idiotes possibles lorsque le beat de la chanson "Harlem Shake" du musZapBuzzWeb
537.8.0200K95.2%Harlem Shake - Na`Vi Dota 2 edition  -  Harlem Shake - Na`Vi Dota 2 edition. Made by 4fun. Original song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qV0LHCHf-pE ========================================. Subscribe to Na`Vi YouTube channel if you like our videos: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=natusvinceretv ======================natusvinceretv
538.8.0931K91.6%Ultimate Harlem Shake Compilation  -  Bikini included. Watch PART 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GAoTrH2FaYDavidPolak59DPK
539.8.0376K96.8%HARLEM SHAKE (ORIGINAL SUPERBIKE EDITION)  -  Fastest guys on two wheels do the Harlem Shake in the original and ONLY Superbike style. Direct and almost live from Phillip Island, Victoria in Australia.HondaRacingEurope
540.8.0386K96.5%Harlem Shake Version 888  -  After weeks of long hours building our new Holden VF Commodores it's come to this... Welcome to the world of Red Bull Racing Australia. Download 'Harlem Shake' by Baauer on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/harlem-shake/id601136812?i=601136935redbullracingAU
541.8.062K97.7%HARLEMS SHAKE, METEORITOS, RICHI PELPHS Y EL PAPA  -  Día mundial de lucha contra el cancer infantil. http://noticias.starmedia.com/sociedad/dia-internacional-contra-cancer-infantil-2013.html acusan al atleta paraolimpico de haber matado a su novia. Renuncia el papa http://cnnespanol.cnn.com/2013/02/11/por-que-el-papa-renuncia-ahora/. Los vídeos máQueFishTV
542.8.0507K91.2%FILTHY COMPILATION #6 - SMELL MY FINGERS  -  a good old filthy compilation for you fools in school. this one's extremely filthy. MUSIC: Harlem Shake - Baauer. HIT ME UP ON DEM SOCIALS http://www.facebook.com/TheFilthyFrank https://twitter.com/#!/FilthyFrank tags: dancing to black swann music like a real man only to realize you're gay and you'DizastaMusic
543.8.0148K95.4%HARLEM SHAKE  -  DEJA TU VIDEO RESPUESTA CON TU HARLEM SHAKE :) *ITUNES: http://itunes.apple.com/mx/artist/hector-leal/id284769750. SOUNDCLOUD: http://soundcloud.com/hectorleal. CONTACTO: PRENSA/NEGOCIOS: hectorvlogs@gmail.com. SOUNDCLOUD: http://www.soundcloud.com/hectorlealmusic http://www.hectorlealvlogs.com. Gohectorlealvlogs
544.8.0470K93.7%BUKO(English Version)COCONUT  -  My Parody English Version of Buko (Buhay Ko). Hahahappy watching! SHARE the LOLness to Facebook and Twitter friends! Let's make people SMILE :-) here's my official fan page http://www.facebook.com/MisterparodistMisterParodist
545.8.0173K97.5%EL mejor Harlem Shake del mundo. (HAHAHAHA)  -  THE world's best Harlem Shake México the best harlem shake everFilosoraptorOficial
546.8.067K98.4%Harlem Shake V.To End All Versions (In a Liquor Store)  -  Jorge Munoz (Me) (Guy In Helmet). Vlog: http://www.youtube.com/JRMun0zsVida. Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/JRMun0z. FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/JRMun0z. Tumblr: http://www.tumblr.com/JRMun0z. Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/JRMun0z. Kik: JRMun0z. The AlphaMonkeysDMC. YouTube: http://www.JRMun0z
547.8.0323K96.8%Harlem Shake OOO VERSION  -  Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/U-Must-C/538382752859726?fref=ts. Copyright to Bauuer. Purchase on Itunes: http://bit.ly/HARLEMSHAKE. Purchase on Beatport: http://s.beatport.com/JeffreeVol3BP. Harlem Shake Army Version. OOO the shake harlem in the army ooo Version. Army MilitaryNewsVideoArmenia
548.8.0836K93.1%The BEST classroom Harlem Shake ever - LOLLL - Little man dances.  -  more Harlem Shake: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pN2TJ_9mbqs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHvCOg5sytE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6W8eePc_T8 harlem shake, harlem shake song, harlem shake zippy, harlem shuffle, harlem shake baauer, harlem shake lyrics, harlem shake holland, harlem shake AmsteFunChanne
549.8.0166K96.7%Harlem Shake par Guillaume Pley  -  Harlem Shake avec Guillaume Pley dans Guillaume radio 2.0. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Guillaume-radio-20-sur-NRJ/246330025378880?ref=hl twitter : Twitter.com/guillaumepley. Site : guillaume.fmguillaumepley
550.8.0584K92.7%Harlem Shake (Hoonigan Style) | V8 RX7 Burnout  -  If you don't like beards, or burnouts(or the harlem shake), then fuck you. www.facebook.com/beardlife www.facebook.com/keepdriftingfun www.facebook.com/thehoonigans www.facebook.com//stanceworksBeardLifedotNet
551.8.091K98.7%Harlem Shake - @Kevin2wokrayzee  -  One fool makes many and since I'm and EEEEEDIYAT I HAD TO GIVE THIS MY STAMP OF APPROVAL....ENJOY! ORIGINAL VIDEO HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vJiSSAMNWwkevin2wokrayzee
552.8.0145K97.8%The Harlem Shake - Military Edition! (Original)  -  This is the most boss thing to come out of Norway, in like.. EVER. Click for more info on the original video! Thankyou for watching guys, almost 100k views in just 4 days! Original Upload: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hpEnLtqUDg. Our Channel: www.youtube.com/ItsMooseJawItsMooseJaw
553.8.0110K96.8%[BWEF] J'ai fait un Hawlem Shake (HARLEM SHAKE VERSION ANTILLAISE)  -  Réal. / Montage : Elodie Legale. Musique : Harlem Shake - Baauer. Sur une idée de : Real Nabil (Thanks Bro!). Le spectacle de Kevin Razy tous les jeudis à 20H15 au Théâtre BO SAINT-MARTINBarneyGold
554.8.071K98.3%Harlem Shake (Assassin's Creed Version)  -  An Assassin's Creed variation of the very popular Harlem Shake videos. This version was filmed at Katsucon 2013, with a group of Assassin's Creed Cosplayers. The video was made upon the request of UbiGabe from Ubisoft and has since been featured on Ubisoft Brasil's facebook page. We however are jusLEFToWEST
555.8.039K98.6%HARLEM SHAKE WITH JIM  -  MUSIC BY BAAUER - HARLEM SHAKE. PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO LIKE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE. Here's the link to SUBSCRIBE - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=TheLeanMachines. WATCH MORE OF OUR VIDEOS ON OUR CHANNEL PAGE http://www.youtube.com/TheLeanMachines. OUR TWITTER http://www.twitter.cTheLeanMachinesVlogs
556.8.057K97.9%TRAP/dUBSTEP BEATBOX - Masta Mic  -  made some dubstep and trap noises including - original don - tell your momma on ya and - harlem shake (sorry) vk.com/prekrasno facebook.com/yakayaka twitter.com/mastamicrussia soundcloud.com/mastamicbeatbox instagram @mastamicrussia РОСЕЯ МОЯ РОСЕЕЕЕЕЯ!!!!!! ОТ ВОЛГИ И mastamicbeatbox
557.8.047K98.2%ELBA ESTHER GORDILLO PRESA, BYE PAPA Y BAJOS DE ONE DIRECTION  -  Las historias de hoy: Alguien le tira un zapato a Harry Styles in the balls http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0o63lcWu6kY. Fué ella: http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/entertainment/music/music-news/revealed-girl-who-hit-harry-1734768. Iniciará la búsqueda para nuevo papa http://mexico.cnn.com/mundo/2013QueFishTV
558.8.041K99.5%เฉโปแมวโง่ - Harlem Shake Cat  -  เฉโปเป็นแมวพันธุ์สก๊อตทิช โฟลด์(รุ่นหูตั้ง) อายุครึ่งปี ชีวิตประจำวัน กิน เล่น ขี้ เยี่ยว นอน กิน นอน เล่น นอ8sATtV6T-KY8AEWm6XpwTw
559.8.0325K94.9%Harlem Shake (Sexy Bikini Girls Edition)  -  The best and sexiest version of the Harlem Shake ever! Shoutout to DizastaMusic for starting this trend. SONG Baauer Harlem shake on iTunes: http://bit.ly/HARLEMSHAKE. FIND TIPSY BARTENDER ====================. TWITTER: http://Twitter.com/TipsyBartender. FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/TipsyBartTipsyBartender
560.8.0364K96.0%Underwater Harlem Shake  -  Underwater Harlem Shake. Original Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkNrSpqUr-EsSpitOnIT
561.8.01M88.0%Happy Endings Harlem Shake  -  It's the Harlem Shakefilthyclown
562.8.0261K94.0%Harlem Shake - (Miranda edition)  -  MY WEBSITE - www.MirandaSings.com (Go here for all ticket info). My twitter - https://twitter.com/#!/MirandaSings. My Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Miranda.... My t-shirts - http://miranda.spreadshirt.com/. My Magic Kit - http://www.magicgeek.com/miranda-sing... SEND ME FAN MAIL! MIRANDAmirandasings08
563.8.0538K90.9%HARLEM HOOD SHAKE  -  This is the Harlem hood shake. ;). Main Girl http://www.youtube.com/latoyaforever http://www.twitter.com/latoyaforever. Instragram: LaToyaForever. Everyone else. Shirtless dude with Trinidad Bandana http://www.twitter.com/shakqueel. White boy http://www.twitter.com/rohanmead. Trinidad Carnival girlatoyaforever
564.8.0204K97.0%哈林搖 - 蕭敬騰版本 (Harlem Shake - Jam Hsiao Edition)jamhsiaoofficial
565.8.0114K96.6%Harlem Shake Everywhere!  -  21 Glitch de videojuegos: http://smo.sh/VidGameGlitches 10 Covers de videojuegos: http://smo.sh/XoVtX3 25 Harlem Shake (los mejores): http://smo.sh/We9FyJ. Más Harlem Shake Divertidos: http://smo.sh/11YVKEF. BONUS: http://smo.sh/YI9iOJ. El capitulo anterior de ElSmosh Pit: http://smo.sh/158uwt5. AElSmosh
566.8.064K98.0%Harlem Shake (Boxing Edition)  -  Je pouvais pas passer à coté de ce phénomène qu'est le : Harlem Shake, surtout que je fais de la boxe française (depuis que je suis petit parce que mon père est entraîneur), on s'est bien amusé à faire cette vidéo ! Même si ça commence à devenir saoulant d'être envahie de Harlem ShakeAziatomik
567.8.0313K95.8%Baauer - Harlem Shake  -  Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AllTrapMusic. Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/AllTrapMusic. Thought it was about time we uploaded some more Baauer!alltrapmusic
568.8.0138K96.3%Harlem Shake - Battlefield 3 by Patwaa  -  Need i Describe? But seriously Like, Favourite & Share, be sure to check out this guys music!! Show him some love Patwaa: http://www.youtube.com/user/Lupey19. Baauer - Harlem Shake @bbauer http://soundcloud.com/baauer http://www.facebook.com/baauermusic. Purchase on Itunes: http://bit.ly/HARLEMSHAKdevsain
569.8.047K98.8%Harlem Shake - Minecraft Edition by #FeedThePatrick  -  LET'S DO THE HARLEM SHAKE ! 200 players dancing the Harlem Shake on #FeedThePatrick server !TheMagohamot
570.8.0117K96.3%Vilhena Dança # HARLEM SHAKE !!! - Minecraft  -  Versão Original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=384IUU43bfQ. Musica: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRZ_Ckhzw_8 -Não se esqueça de avaliar o vídeo e deixar um comentário falando sobre oque achou do vídeo! - Inscreva-se no canal para ficar por dentro de todas as novidades que trarei para vocêTheCraftanos
571.8.0270K95.5%Harlem Shake (London Underground Train Edition)  -  www.bant-arr.com @BANTARR - Official Twitter Acount (Follow this for the latest Give aways). My Twitter= https://twitter.com/#!/MaximBady1. My Facebook= http://www.facebook.com/Maximbady. Buy My T Shirt Here = http://www.districtlines.com/maximbady @BANTARR - Official Twitter Acount (Follow this foMaximBady
572.8.079K98.1%Blooper and Outtake Reel from Harlem Shake  -  Here's the blooper and outtakes from our harlem shake video. Somehow I find this even more amusing than the final product. :)boogie2988
573.8.053K98.7%KPOP IDOL HARLEM SHAKE  -  Kpop idols go crazy... Feat. TVXQ, SHINee and EXO. I made this video in about 30 minutes LOL. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/johnnyunleashed. Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/johnnysevas. Tumblr: www.johnnyunleashed.tumblr.comJohnnyUnleashed
574.8.0249K97.0%Harlem Shake Norwegian Army Edition  -  Harlem Shake Norwegian Army Style. Thanks to http://www.youtube.com/user/kennethaakonsen for letting me upload it to my Channel. Original Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hpEnLtqUDgsSpitOnIT
575.8.0645K92.4%แชร์สนั่น! เน็ตไอดอลสาวพาFurbyขยี้Harlem Shake  -  น่าร็อคอ่ะ รวมแก๊งค์ แพมแพม มายด์ เอมมี่ เดวา 3 สาวเน็ตไอดอลชื่อดัง วาดลวดลาย Harlem shake ท้าชนเฟอร์บี้ งานนี้ฟลอรtaA8s8Y_ecjyYRGWBugKAw
576.8.026K99.0%ME ROBARON MY CARRO....MENSAJE ESPECIAL DE RONNYGTX...  -  Gracias por mirar y compartir el video http://facebook.com/ronnygtx http://twitter.com/ronnygtx. Mensaje especial... **************************************************************************. Musica y efectos especiales cortesia de Audiomicro.com. Royalty Free Music by http://audiomicro.com/royalronnygtx
577.8.057K98.6%Harlem Shake - Minecraft Edition by #FeedThePatrick  -  Le buzz Harlem Shake en version Minecraft et #FeedThePatrick ! Retrouvez-moi sur twitter: http://twitter.com/HarryLafranc. Mais aussi sur Facebook: http://facebook.com/harrylafranc. Dons: http://bit.ly/HarryPaypal. Musique : Harlem ShakeHarryLafranc
578.8.0467K94.0%Harlem Shake (Ryan Seacrest, Kendall & Kylie Jenner Edition)  -  "SUBSCRIBE: http://full.sc/UBDdWt. Kendall and Kylie Jenner join Ryan and the "On Air with Ryan Seacrest" staff for a new Harlem Shake video! On Air with Ryan Seacrest on YouTube. The official home for video from On Air with Ryan Seacrest and RyanSeacrest.com. Subscribe now for exclusive celebrity ryanseacrest
579.8.076K98.8%Como se fala em Curitiba - Webhits 1: Harlem Shake  -  Contatos: contato@comosefalaemcuritiba.com.br. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/comosefalaemcuritiba. Twitter: https://twitter.com/comofalaemctba. Direção e Edição: Rafael Micheletto. Elenco: Cadu Scheffer. Luana Roloff. Fagner Zadra. Samuel Machado. Jéssica Medeiros. Produção: Ellipse Filcomosefalaemcuritiba
580.8.0229K97.0%Harlem Shake v5:9C (Part 1) Original UGA  -  Harlem Shake v5 9th floor, C hall, dorm style. Like and Share! *** Watch PART TWO HERE NOW!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYmSbNkfPnw&feature=youtu.be *** MORE WEIRDNESS FROM OUR COLLEUAGES HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42FahhDzIYQ&feature=youtu.be. Buy the SONG HERE on iTunes https://ituJafuzat
581.8.02M72.6%Harlem Shake vMario  -  New video (that took 50 days to render) coming next week! Hint: it features the CG Mario seen in this video and is a sequel to an earlier vid! I felt that it was my duty to make the most insane harlem shake video out there, hopefully you have the stomach for weird! Created by Brandon Laatsch @Brandfreddiew
582.8.0208K94.3%Harlem Shake (Cereal Edition)  -  Twitter: http://twitter.com/SteveKardynal. Facebook: http://facebook.com/SteveKardynalFans. Main Channel: http://youtube.com/SteveKardynal. Kitten Mittens: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fP4emqw7O4SteveKardynal2
583.8.072K97.4%ENGLISH BOYS HARLEM SHAKE!  -  There was a bandwagon, and I figured I needed to jump on it, and sexy it up a bit. --- TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/jaackmaate. FBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/jaackmaate. MERCH: http://www.districtlines.com/jaackmaate 2NDCHAN: http:///www.youtube.com/jackscameraJaackMaate
584.8.084K97.1%Harlem Shake (Horrific Car Accident Edition)  -  I know its getting played but this is the first meme i've enjoyed in a while, I had to do one! directed and vfxed by: mike diva // shot and edited by: jan-michael losada starring: mike dahlquist richard witt maxwell james joe yancy zack suprenant jan-michael losada christian alexander tyler hartMikeDiva
585.8.035K99.8%Tara lui Fratzica Ep.06 Nasturica  -  Cocalarul cu Mercedes, tzepele de pe sosele si gaina Nasturica, la Tara lui Fratzica tricouri - http://boombaq.ro/tricouri-unguru-bulan.html buy on iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/ro/album/sezonul-12/id546087676 https://www.facebook.com/UnguruBulanRoUnguruBulanOfficial
586.8.076K97.3%HARLEM SHAKE (100K MUSICALBETHAN)  -  I apologise for nothing. Second channel: http://www.youtube.com/justbefonmusicalbethan
587.8.071K97.4%Harlem Shake (Dinosaur Edition)  -  The Harlem Shake Dino Style! Follow Oli on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/OliWhiteTV. Follow Oli on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OliverWhitex. Follow Oli on Tumblr: http://oliwhitetv.tumblr.com/. The reason why dinosaur's became extinct! Subscribe to my channel! http://youtube.com/subscriptioTheOliWhiteTV
588.8.0242K97.6%Baauer - Harlem Shake (HQ)  -  Harlem Shake Song! Baauer (HQ)ACFriskTV
589.8.0343K95.6%The Harlem Shake Meme compilation [ v1 - 10 best dances so far ;-) ]  -  Let's get the party started! #dotheharlemshake. More Videos: http://theharlemshake.blogspot.de/. SONG NAME: Harlem Shake - Baauer compiled by: http://www.facebook.com/phillow.net. Firefighters, Stormtroopers, pink gay aliens, nintendo allstars & a whole office, IGN and Portland goin' wild. This vidphillow
590.8.037K98.8%هابي ويلز Happy Wheels - هارليم شيك فلبيني Harlem Shake ! - Ep30  -  حلقة مميزة بمناسبة الحلقة 30 شخصية الفلبيني مثّلها اخوي .: تبغى تلعب هابي ويلز ؟ :. ادخل قوقل واكتب Happy Wheels واختر أول أو ثاني نتيجة في البحث واسرح وامرح فيها تابعوني عTMFaisal1
591.8.0625K89.4%Harlem Shake v3 (HOT GIRLS! edition)  -  Download King Kong FREE HERE: http://bit.ly/VFQHGw http://www.instagram.com/destorm http://www.instagram.com/TimDelaghetto http://www.instagram.com/JessicaLesaca http://www.instagram.com/LoveLianeV http://www.instagram.com/JaslynOme http://www.instagram.com/CharliCurlyFryz http://www.instagraDeStorm
592.8.092K99.5%Harlem Shake with My Dog  -  Santanakarn Engineering KU KPS Club "สันวิศวะ" สร้างเพื่อความบันเทิง ไม่ได้บังคับ ทารุน สัตว์ แม้แต่ประการใดnadtagorn
593.8.0152K96.1%Harlem Shake!! (Minecraft Style)  -  Some Minecrafters Got Together, And Decided to Shake There Block Booties!! Click Here to Tweet This: http://clicktotweet.com/82zdC. Stalk Me on Twitter: http://full.sc/WnHe18. Original Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=384IUU43bfQ. Tags & Stuff: minecraft, minecraft machinima, minecraft animatiAviatorGaming
594.8.0171K96.7%Harlem Shake Jamaican Version (YaadBwoys Style)  -  You know the YaadBwoys had to touch this! Link up with us using the links below! - Instagram/Twitter @PrynceVynce @ChaddyBwoy @RheenaMadddem @AthenaAnonymous. FaceBook.com/YaadBwoys. Twitter.com/YaadBwoys http://forefront.tv/videos/theyaadbwoy/TheYaadBwoy
595.8.0724K92.0%Harlem Shake - Con Los Terroristas - Danza Loca (Original)  -  Me podes seguir en FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/frasefeis https://www.facebook.com/pages/Los-Mejores-V%C3%ADdeos-para-Reirte/123090767872711. Mas Videos: http://frasesfeis.com.ar/. Mecanica Automotor: http://tutorialchoche.blogspot.com. Blog Sobre Facebook: http://frasesparatumuro.blogspot.cmontesmartin672
596.8.0634K92.2%Queen's Harlem Shake  -  Organized by: Tymek Kubick, Kyler Gazzola, Anthony Marangon, Ray Kennedy & Marcus Leung. Filmed by Queen's TV (Justin Mathews and Sebastian Diaz). Thanks for all those who came out! Cha Gheill!QueensTV
597.8.029K99.4%11 Drunk Guys Harlem Shake  -  Join our Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Axels-Basket-O-Panic/183192631698154. Btw, luke smashed his chin really hard while doing the worm. He bled everywhere. It was hilarious. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes spwnagemcgee
598.8.0249K96.2%Harlem Shake v2 (Car Show Version)  -  The Harlem Shake 1320Video car show version! 70 Nebraska car nuts got together with 1320Video to make a crazy Harlem Shake video, holy $hit we had a blast! hahaha. THANK YOU to everyone who came out! Also big thanks to Deranged Freestyle stunt bike team for the use of their practice lot - https://w1320video
599.8.0100K97.9%Carlos Tevez On A Train & Crystal Palace Cheerleaders Do The Harlem Shake: The Kick Back  -  The lovely Crystal Palace Cheerleaders show of their moves in their version of the Harlem Shake. Carlos Tevez and Manchester City take to the rails. Fernando Torres hangs out next to a fridge. And an amazing scorpion kick in MLS preseason. All this and more as Ryan Bailey takes you through the softkick
600.8.01M89.1%The Harlem Shake - BuzzFeed version  -  Do The Harlem Shake. Credit goes to... Filthy Frank: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vJiSSAMNWw. TSCS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=384IUU43bfQ. PHLOn NAN: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W52rnrwG9p0. College Humor: http://www.collegehumor.com/video/6869136/collegehumor-harlem-shake. Filmed at theBuzzFeed
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