2701.7.7Funny7M98.0%Nyan Cat - Smooth Jazz Cover  -  http://www.facebook.com/SmoothJazzNyanCat. Visit http://www.sighfive.com for more obnoxious debauchery. You can also follow me on twitter @lucasheil. A smooth Jazz cover of one of the most catchy meme-songs to ever exist. Loops for almost 15 minutes, so you know, a great one to slip into a party plHeartlessCorporation
2702.7.7Pop73M98.0%Akon - Lonely  -  Music video by Akon performing Lonely. (C) 2005 SRC Records, Inc., Universal Records, A Division Of UMG Recordings, Inc.AkonVEVO
2703.7.7Pop10M98.0%My First Kiss - 3OH!3 ft. Ke$ha Lyrics  -  This is a music video of lyrics to. My First Kiss by 3OH!3 ft. Ke$ha. Enjoy & Remember to Sub,Like,&Comment. I do not own this song. Lyrics: My first went a little like this. And twist. And twist. Well my first kiss went a little like this. And twist. And twist. I said no more teachers and no more MissLuv4Lyrics
2704.7.7Rock8M98.0%Heart - Barracuda (1977)  -  Not only a hot car..hot singer.......its a hot songAsSquatch666
2705.7.7Pop16M96.0%Katy Perry Hot 'n Cold Lyrics  -  PMS: Pre-menstrual syndrome!!!!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/user/EmilyThompsonReal. You change your mind. Like a girl changes clothes. Yeah you, PMS. Like a bitch. I would know. And you over think. Always speak. Critically. I should know. That you're no good for me {CHORUS}. Cause you're hot then yelojabbourdoukan
2706.7.7Street Arts6M97.0%Нереальный танец японца...как он это делает- (HD)  -  http://vk.com/kap4ikago вступаем) ежедневные обновления) больше людей - больше обновленийBobKap4ik
2707.7.7Street Arts13M96.0%Amazing gymnast 4 yr. old Gabby Tina Turner Dance  -  Amazing Gymnastics 4 Yr. old little girl (Gabby) she is awesome. Can 4-Yr. old try out for the Olympics? A MUST WATCH TO BELEIVE... Watch her Tina Turner Dance !cvusd619
2708.7.7Street Arts5M96.0%Menina de 10 anos cantando Adele vira famosa.  -  Menina de 10 cantando adele vida famosa juntamente com seus 2 irmãos que fazem o grupo (Vazquez Sounds).silas56ful
2709.7.7Rock8M99.0%Steppenwolf - Born to be wild 1969  -  Steppenwolf - Born to be wild 1969 (Soundtrack of the road film 'Easy Rider'). Get your motor runnin'. Head out on the highway. Lookin' for adventure. And whatever comes our way. Yeah Darlin' go make it happen. Take the world in a love embrace. Fire all of your guns at once. And explode into space.fritz51139
2710.7.7Rock6M99.0%The Verve - Lucky Man  -  Music video by The Verve performing Lucky Man.emimusic
2711.7.7Rock8M98.0%David Bowie - Let's Dance  -  Music video by David Bowie performing Let's Dance.emimusic
2712.7.7Rock14M97.0%Bullet For My Valentine - Tears Dont Fall (With Lyrics)  -  10,000,000 Views achieved on February 29, 2012. Tears Dont Fall by Bullet For My Valentine *not the actual video.. just lyrics*. THIS IS MY FIRST VIDEO. Copyright goes to Bullet for My Valentine. I do not own this song I made this video for entertainment purposes only and in no way do I make any mobusuto3
2713.7.7Rock9M99.0%LED ZEPPELIN : Stairway to Heaven (live).  -  A great live recording, with a very good sound. http://younanar.skynetblogs.be/younanar
2714.7.7Randomness49M93.0%amazing human beatbox  -  amazing human beatboxFloep2000
2715.7.7Gentle Pop6M99.0%REM - Everybody hurts (with lyrics)  -  REM - Everybody hurts.romek192
2716.7.7Pop3M99.0%Pitch Perfect Soundtrack FULL  -  Pitch Perfect Full Soundtrack. From the 2012 comedy movie, Pitch Perfect staring Anna Kendrick, Skylar Austin, Anna Camp, Brittany Snow, Rebel Wilson, Alexis Knapp, Ester Dean, Hana Mae Lee, Adam Devine, and Ben Platt. I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING. (Treblemakers) Please Don't Stop the Music- 00:01-03:01 (13tayswiftfan13
2717.7.7Gentle Pop9M98.0%Welcome To My Life - Simple Plan w/lyrics  -  Simple Plan - Welcome To My LifeMileyRulez15
2718.7.7Gentle Pop10M99.0%Animal - Neon Trees Lyrics  -  PLEASE DO NOT BLAME ME FOR THE WRONG LYRICS: When I was making this, there was only one available source of the lyrics online (apparently, some words were wrong), so I have no way of checking the lyrics.[I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING ALL CONTENT BELONGS TO NEON TREES AND UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP . NO COPYRIGHmathew349
2719.7.7Club Music8M98.0%Space Jam Theme Song  -  Artist: Quad City DJ's. Album: Space Jam (soundtrack) -------------- I just HAD to upload this song. Its so awesome. Here's the lyrics ----------------------- Chorus 1: Everybody get up it's time to slam now. We got a real jam goin' down. Welcome to the Space Jam. Here's your chance, do your dance xilymikehx
2720.7.7Club Music7M98.0%pendulum fasten your seatbelts  -  5 million views, sweet Jesustwkmedia
2721.7.7Covers5M97.0%Menina cantando Adele, muito linda  -  Essa menina canta muito, e ainda cantando Adele ficou mais linda ainda.... Arrebentou cantando essa musica'. Eles deveriam ganhar um prêmio por ter postado esse vídeo!! (Vídeo Original) Jorge and Alexa Narvaez /realitychangersdani199255
2722.7.7Funny3M99.0%DJ Tech Tools - Midi Fighter Ableton Contest - by Riccardo Betti (a.k.a. Rick Fresco)  -  My (WINNER) entry for DJTT's Ableton contest... I just used the Novation Launchpad in "user 1" mode to control Ableton Live running Mad Zach's drumrack. I stretched or piched some of the original samples so they could match the track's key, that's it... no other samples, no other fx... and as you celettrobetti
2723.7.7Classics4M99.0%Iron Maiden - The Longest Day  -  simple video i made with scenes from saving private ryan and awesome maiden music. **expand for lyrics** ====================================. In the gloom the gathering storm abates. In the ships gimlet eyes await. The call to arms to hammer at the gates. To blow them wide throw evil to its fate. demerix
2724.7.7Rock7M99.0%Into the Wild - Rise (Eddie Vedder)  -  Based on a true story. After graduating from Emory University in 1990, top student and athlete Christopher McCandless abandoned his possessions, gave his entire $24,000 savings account to charity and hitchhiked to Alaska to live in the wilderness. Along the way, Christopher encounters a series of cSwades89
2725.7.7Rock5M99.0%Aerosmith - I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (Traducido-Español)  -  Aerosmith - I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (Traducido - Español). Película de Armageddon /1998. Reparto: Bruce Willis. Liv Tyler. Ben Affleck. Vídeo Musical Traducido por mi =). Dedicado a mi niña linda... Te Amo Zuly xD. By JhyxJhyxJx
2726.7.7Gentle Pop5M99.0%Im Already There - Lonestar  -  The song Im already there by lonestar. With lyrics *Dedicated to my uncle who is like a father to me that is dying of stage 4 lung cancer!* And *Dedicated to all people who have lost someone they loved so deeply*hearttshapedbox
2727.7.7Club Music70M97.0%Taio Cruz - Hangover ft. Flo Rida  -  New single 'There She Goes' OUT NOW http://bit.ly/TaioCruzTSG. Follow Taio Cruz: http://www.taiocruzmusic.co.uk http://www.facebook.com/taiocruz http://www.twitter.com/taiocruz. Music video by Taio Cruz performing Hangover. (C) 2011 Universal Island Records, a division of Universal Music OperationsTaioCruzVEVO
2728.7.7Classics5M98.0%In Flames - Trigger  -  In Flames - TriggerTheBroX
2729.7.7Classics12M98.0%Era - The Mass  -  I really have nothing to say about this clip, so let's just hope you like it too.HamsterDeCombat
2730.7.7Classics6M99.0%Me Gustas Tú - Manu Chao (with lyrics)  -  Para mi clase de espanol =]Hannalee17
2731.7.7Entertainment8M97.0%Flea Market Montgomery - Long Version  -  This local TV commercial has made it to national TV via the Ellen Degeneres show. This is the extended versionteedadawg
2732.7.7Funny3M99.0%Vincent - Tim.Burton.Short.Animation.1982  -  ---petrover
2733.7.7Bieber Pop13M94.0%Austin Mahone - Say Somethin  -  Buy now! iTunes: http://smarturl.it/SaySomethinItunes. Amazon: http://smarturl.it/SaySomethinAmz. Music video by Austin Mahone performing Say Somethin. ©: Republic Records/ Chase RecordsAustinMVEVO
2734.7.7Bieber Pop8M95.0%One Direction - Na Na Na (full) lyrics in description  -  One Direction - Na na na Lyrics : Verse 1 [Liam]. Na Na Na - One Direction. Liam. We've got a bit of love hate. You take me to the edge then you hit the brakes. I say it's over one day. But then I'm crawling back begging you to stay. We make up then we break up all the time. Liam. I'll say that I hAnaBCR1
2735.7.7Club Music10M96.0%Mike Posner - Cooler Than Me  -  Mike Posner Cooler Than Me (c) (C) 2010 J Records, a unit of Sony Music Entertainmentmikeposnersme
2736.7.7Talent17M96.0%The First Audition of Kelly Clarkson  -  Her first audition on American Idols. Thanks Paula,for the videos ;)psychoholic2
2737.7.7Funny12M96.0%Please Move The Deer Crossing  -  Don't miss the follow-up, "Donna the Deer Lady ~ The Rest of the Story": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JB1yEcdomt0 ... and check it out! I just ordered my Donna the Deer Lady Tshirt! ha! ha! ha! http://www.shirtsunlimitedonline.com/#!__deer-t-shirt. This audio clip from Y94 Playhouse Fargo, ND radtutufunny4u
2738.7.7Rap25M97.0%Hopsin - ILL MIND OF HOPSIN 5  -  DOWNLOAD LINK!!!: http://bit.ly/LsIVVH https://www.facebook.com/hellohopsin https://www.twitter.com/hopsin. Funk Volume https://www.myfunkvolume.com. Hit the dudes up below for some dope videos. http://www.rpinkall.wordpress.com/videos/ + @ryan_pinkall http://www.wiresideproductions.com + @wiresideHopsintv
2739.7.7Talent20M97.0%Leona Lewis ~ I Will Always Love You ~ 25.11.2006 (Week 7) The 2006 XFactor  -  Leona Lewis. The 2006 XFactor. Week 7 Live Shows 25.11.2006. The Theme (Songs from the movies). I Will Always Love You (Dolly Parton) (Whitney Houston)LeonaLewisOnline
2740.7.7Randomness4M96.0%Pregnancy Test Prank On My Mother  -  My mother is ALWAYS giving me a hard time, so today...I get even. "Mom, I'm pregnant". Salmar82@verizon.netsalmar82
2741.7.7Funny13M96.0%Creepy Girl In Hotel Hallway Prank  -  When People walk by and see her they scream and get scared85645913652
2742.7.7Randomness13M96.0%IMPOSSIBLE Magic Trick  -  wow. That guy has a great job. Watching women get changed all dayTreadwellAndSpanky
2743.7.7Funny27M96.0%Ape With AK-47  -  In theaters now! Purchase tickets online @ http://www.fandango.com/riseoftheplanetoftheapes_135719/movieoverview ---------------- http://www.facebook.com/apeswillrise - For the latest 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' news & updates ------ http://itun.es/igb4Ky - Are you smarter than an ape? Challenapeswillrise
2744.7.7Pop7M98.0%I'll be missing you (LYRICS)  -  Lyrics to "I'll be Missing You" by Puff Daddy featuring Faith Evans & 112. Please SUB FOR MORE LYRIX VIDS. If you would like, feel free to leave "RIP's" in the comment section below. Copyright disclaimer: I do not own this song or any of the song's content. This song is dedicated to you, Grandpa. I2Smarticle4U
2745.7.7Pop7M97.0%Afrojack & Steve Aoki feat. Miss Palmer - No Beef [official video 2011]  -  FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD LINK: http://q.gs/M1xy. I don't own the rights, this is for pormotional purposes only !FreshMusicOnly
2746.7.7Pop13M93.0%Kylie Minogue - Timebomb  -  Kylie Timebomb is available on iTunes now. Click here to buy: http://smarturl.it/KylieTimebomb. Directed & Edited by Christian Larson. Produced by Matt Schwartz and Paul Harris. Music video by Kylie Minogue performing Timebomb. (P) 2012 The Copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by EMI ReKylieVEVO
2747.7.7Rock3M99.0%Metallica - Nothing else metter lyrics  -  METALLICA NOTHING ELSE METTER bueno aki les dejo el lyrics de nothing else metter espero ke les guste subscribanseT4I1SxD011x69
2748.7.7Street Arts4M98.0%The most inspiring video you will ever watch!  -  *This is a repost of a video that a friend of mine made. He posted it to a car website to inspire the members there. I wanted others to see the video so that they too could be inspired. For all those wondering, Julia is still alive and Roger continues to run for her sake. So this isnt a video aboutnuki255
2749.7.7Rock6M99.0%James Blunt - Good Bye My Lover {Official Video}  -  James Blunt "Good Bye My Lover" Lyrics -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKEgUhtdjsoShkendiia
2750.7.7Pop9M98.0%"Skinny Love" - Birdy  -  http://www.twiiter.com/brian_treanor. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE OFFICIAL VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNzCDt2eidg. I DO NOT OWN THIS.briant123
2751.7.7Rock7M99.0%The Human League - Don't You Want Me  -  Music video by The Human League performing Don't You Want Me (2003 Digital Remaster).emimusic
2752.7.7Pop7M99.0%Lenny Kravitz - I'll Be Waiting  -  Official video of Lenny Kravitz performing I'll Be Waiting from the album Baptism. Buy It Here: http://smarturl.it/1gz568. Kravitz co-directed with Philip Andelman. Like Lenny Kravitz on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lennykravitz. Follow Lenny Kravitz on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/lennykravCapitolMusic
2753.7.7Rock7M98.0%Tom Petty - Free Fallin'  -  Music video by Tom Petty performing Free Fallin'. (C) 1989 UMG Recordings, Inc.TomPettyVEVO
2754.7.7Rock5M99.0%THE BEATLES - OH! DARLING  -  para todos los fanaticos de the beatles100rockmen
2755.7.7Rock17M98.0%Phil Collins - Against All Odds - Live Aid 1985 - London, England  -  Phil Collins performing "Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)" during Live Aid, Wembley Stadium, London, England, July 13, 1985. (from bumnote.com)miner2049er
2756.7.7Rock12M98.0%Guns n' Roses - You Could Be Mine  -  Guns n' Roses - You Could Be Mine. Album - Use Your Illusion II. Label - Geffen more stuffs about me http://luiggi26.deviantart.com/luiggi26
2757.7.7Gentle Pop5M99.0%Nine Days - Absolutely (Story Of A Girl)  -  Music video by Nine Days performing Absolutely (Story Of A Girl). (C) 2000 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENTNineDaysVEVO
2758.7.7Pop39M87.0%Nicki Minaj - Starships  -  For More New Music: http://Facebook.com/DailyNewMusic | http://Twitter.com/OfficialDNHH. Nicki Minaj - Starships. Nicki Minaj - Starships. Nicki Minaj - Starships. Nicki Minaj - Starships. Nicki Minaj - StarshipsOnlyNickiMinaj
2759.7.7Gentle Pop6M99.0%Come Home - One Republic ft. Sara Bareilles (TVD Soundtrack)  -  no intentions of copying this, it was just for entertainment only. I Edited this because I like vampire diaries 'cause I'm a fan also. To all who liked it and commented to this video. THANK YOU SO MUCH! WOW! i can't believe that it would go this far!.joehanz21
2760.7.7Pop12M99.0%Maxwell - Pretty Wings  -  Music video by Maxwell performing Pretty Wings. (C) 2009 Sony Music EntertainmentmaxwellVEVO
2761.7.7Covers7M99.0%Carl Douglas - Kung fu fighting(original)  -  I accidently found this video and it's the ORGINAL!!!!!!netter11
2762.7.7Covers3M99.0%best street drummer ever!  -  i saw this guy outside of quincy market, he made 20 dollars in half an hour! hope you enjoy this video added 2012/9/25: i dont check my channel much, so a lot has gone unnoticed...thought i should repost this comment from a few weeks ago. That's my little brother, his name is Joshua Rodriguez, he vkinya70335
2763.7.7Randomness4M99.0%The Glitch Mob - Fortune Days  -  By: The Glitch Mob. From their new album: Drink The Sea. Track 9/10. I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS MUSIC NOR DO I TAKE CREDIT FOR ANY OF IT. THIS IS FOR PROMOTIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.BradENewman
2764.7.7Classics5M98.0%Rise Against - Behind Closed Doors  -  ya, a video of Rise Against - Behind Closed Doors on The Sufferer & The Witness album cover, with subtitles for the lyricsgrocker739
2765.7.7Classics7M98.0%Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction - Lyrics  -  Megadeth lyric of Symphony of Destruction. Enjoy! ------------------ Letra de Megadeth symphony of destruction. Disfruten! ------------------ O lyric de Megadeth do Symphony of Destruction aprecía! -------------------abeceuno23
2766.7.7Classics5M98.0%Heart - Barracuda (HQ)  -  Hey this is Alzy... thanks for watching. TO EVERYONE: thanks for watching!!!! :D you're awesome!!! BUT... I've taken off the donate link because, of course, no one cares enough to donate. Anyway, a lot of you are hating for I don't know what reason. The video was posted in 2007, back in my n00b yeaalzy1O1
2767.7.7Classics6M99.0%Massive Attack - Angel  -  Blue Lines 2012: Rebuilt from the original tapes, remixed and remastered. Find out more and order yours here: http://smarturl.it/bluelines2012v #bluelines2012. Official video of Massive Attack performing Angel from the album Mezzanine. Buy It Here: http://smarturl.it/mtq4zb. Like Massive Attack onemimusic
2768.7.7Classics5M99.0%Simon & Garfunkel : El Condor Pasa (1970)  -  I'd rather be a sparrow than a snail. Yes I would, If I could, I surely would. I'd rather be a hammer than a nail. Yes I would, If I only could, I surely would. CHORUS. Away, I'd rather sail away. Like a swan that's here and gone. A man gets tied up to the ground. He gives the world. Its saddest soTheInvaders1967
2769.7.7Rock13M98.0%Kansas - "Carry On Wayward Son" 1976 Video  -  Kansas 1976 - "Carry On Wayward Son" Rare Version with live vocals and studio music. Visit www.meatwall.combrianboyce
2770.7.7Gentle Pop9M98.0%John Mayer - Belief  -  John Mayer - Belief - From Channel 4's "Live From Abbey Road" programme broadcast in March 2007.hctibytipidneres
2771.7.7Entertainment5M97.0%Super Workout - Teen says NO to Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking  -  Demonstrating a typical day of training, 7 days a week. I want to inspire you to try and do the same.Dimitribilik
2772.7.7Style2M99.0%Mindy Gledhill- All About Your Heart -Nie version (Pop Up Music Video)  -  This is a beautiful song by the talented Mindy Gledhill. The song is available for free (legal) download from her website at www.mindygledhill.com. This is a PUMV or Pop Up Music Video. I do not own any rights to this song, but this is a sample. Please buy her newest album " Anchor" in iTunes.eledezma88
2773.7.7Randomness3M99.0%How to steal in Skyrim  -  u dont even need to sneak to steal shit!Vojteek
2774.7.7Randomness25M96.0%Banned Commercials - Levis  -  This is a collection i have that was banned in U.K. as a commercial for Levis Jeans.dejerks
2775.7.7World Music4M98.0%US Soldiers in Iraq - The Ding Dong Song  -  This is an awesome music video made by the mortars in HHC 1-21 IN BN out of Baghdad, Iraq...this is a catchy song you will have stuck in your head for days. Love this video...Also, just to clear up some confusion, "IN" means infantry. So for all of the haters calling us "pogs," eat a bag of dicks. treph1
2776.7.7Covers3M99.0%"LISTEN-Beyonce" The Best Covering by Charice  -  This is the best version that I ever heard others sing "Listen-Beyonce". Many people sang great but I just found that Charice in this vdo or in this moment is better than others' covering and than her previous performance.BeeFreeLiee
2778.7.7Latino Music11M98.0%Desde Lejos (letra) Santiago Cruz  -  Desde lejos. Santiago Cruz. Album: A quien correspondaMalefica212
2779.7.7Covers19M96.0%Abra - Gayuma (Official Music Video) ft. Thyro & Jeriko Aguilar  -  #GAYUMA peaked at #1 on YouTube Philippines; garnered 2 million views on its first week; and as of November 25, 2012, is currently #1 on the MYX Daily Top 10, MYX Hit Chart, and Pinoy MYX Countdown! LOGIN / REGISTER at http://www.myxph.com to VOTE. Keep it at #1 until the 2nd music video!!! Follow aabraaTV
2780.7.7Bieber Pop30M92.0%Hannah Montana - True Friend Music Video  -  This is the music video for Hannah Montana's song "True Friend" as seen on Disney Channel. Lyrics: (INSTRUMENTAL). That's Right. We sign our cards and letters B.F.F. You've got a million ways to make me laugh(yeah). Your looking out for me you've got my back. It's so good to have you around. You knAllMileyCyrus
2781.7.7Randomness4M98.0%Fail like a boss - EPIC  -  Fail like a boss on a portuguese road! Página do facebook: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=177305959003593&set=a.177305955670260.49231.177298982337624&type=1&ref=nf#!/pages/Helio-Imaginario-a-quem-o-medo-nao-assiste/177298982337624. Fuck...Me!... "Don´t be afraid or you're gonna fuck yourskarpinremo
2782.7.7For teens2M99.0%Kagamine Rin & Len- Romeo & Cinderella PV (Eng annotation)  -  I love rin and len in this PV. they look awesome together! ^^ pls rate and comment but DO NOT flag please *0*. P.S this video is not made by me, i'm only uploading for those vocaloid fans! xD enjoy! video download link as requested: http://www.4shared.com/video/SUVAWK6d/Kagamine_Rin___Len__Romeo___Eldirukia14
2783.7.7Club Music10M98.0%Benny Benassi - SatisfactionThatzMusic
2784.7.7Funny17M95.0%Nike Soccer Commercial - Good vs. Evil  -  This is a commercial for nike where the good guys (the allstar players of Europe) take on devil figures and beast them.afromike33
2785.7.7Funny36M93.0%Funny Football  -  Ignore the gay referee. It gets better after thatbulletpoint
2786.7.7Pop14M96.0%Drake ft. RIhanna - Take care HQ (with lyrics)  -  New Single Drake ft. RIhanna - Take care ( november 2011) twitter : https://twitter.com/#!/Tamsmusic lyrics: [rihanna] know you've been hurt by someone else i can tell by the way you carry yourself if you let me, here's what i'll do i'll take care of you i've loved and i've lost [drake: verse 1] i'Jekamuuu
2787.7.7Pop7M98.0%Frank Ocean - Thinking About You (Lyrics on Screen)  -  Frank Ocean Thinking About You. Frank Ocean Thinking About You Lyrics. Frank Ocean Thinking About You Channel Orange. Frank Ocean Thinking About You Good Version. Frank Ocean Thinking About You 2012. Frank Ocean Thinking About You New. Frank Ocean Thinking About You Good LyricsGoodLyricsHD
2788.7.7Pop15M96.0%Tyga feat. Lil Wayne - Faded (Lyrics On Screen)  -  Tyga feat. Lil Wayne - Faded (Lyrics On Screen). Tyga feat. Lil Wayne - Faded (Official Video). Tyga - Faded (Lyrics). Lil Wayne - Faded (Lyrics)RapHDLyrics
2789.7.7Pop5M99.0%Major Lazer - Get Free ft. Amber of the Dirty Projectors  -  Major Lazer "Get Free" - the first official single and video off of the new album "Free The Universe.". The video, featuring Diplo and Amber from Dirty Projectors, was shot in Jamaica by SoMe and produced by Iconoclast. Get it on iTunes : http://bit.ly/iTunesGetFreeMajorLazerVEVO
2790.7.7Pop19M94.0%Beyonce - Still In Love (Kissing You)  -  Beyonce's newest ... she is serving up in this videoroccstar07
2791.7.7Pop6M98.0%Outlandish - Aicha  -  Music video by Outlandish performing Aicha. (C) 2003 RCA/BMG Denmark A/SOutlandishVEVO
2792.7.7Latino Music19M97.0%Aventura - Yo Quisiera Amarla [con letras]  -  Yo quisiera Nº 3 del Disco. The Last 2009. Aventura. By solimariosolimario
2793.7.7Pop9M98.0%K'NAAN - Is Anybody Out There? ft. Nelly Furtado  -  Pick up K'NAAN's new EP, MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN SILENCE, featuring Nelly Furtado and Nas, now on iTunes: http://bit.ly/KN-MBTS. Includes the tracks "Is Anybody Out There?", "Better," and "Nothing To Lose." Full album Summer 2012. Music video by K'NAAN performing Is Anybody Out There?. (C) 2012 A&M/OctKnaanVEVO
2794.7.7Rock6M98.0%Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill  -  New track from the upcoming Album "Plastic Beach", my favourite so far. Enjoy and buy the Album coming out March 8th in EU and 9th in US.666stomper
2795.7.7Pop12M97.0%Calvin Harris ft. Florence Welch- Sweet Nothing LYRICS  -  Ringtone Here---►► http://NowRingers.com ◄◄--- CALVIN HARRIS T SHIRT: http://hlp.la/calvinharrisshirt (YOUR LINK HERE). For any business enquiries about advertising your link/ website in this description personal message me or email: thatgirlposts@yahoo.com. CALVIN HARRIS T SHIRT: http://hlPopularLyricsTV
2796.7.7World Music9M98.0%Manu Chao - mano negra -"Mala Vida"  -  enjoy :)givern
2797.7.7Pop9M99.0%Bruno Mars ft Natasha Bedingfield - Again (with lyrics!)  -  I put both of their versions of the song "Again" together, and this is what I got! I used the free software "Audacity" to create this. This song is actually written by (including) Bruno Mars. The song (Natasha's version) is a "Confessions of a shopaholic" soundtrack. I hope you like it! Lyrics: HanKaramelljoni
2798.7.7Rock14M99.0%The Beatles - And I Love Her  -  Montage of some of Hollywood's superstars and most beautiful actresses such as Audrey Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn, Ann Margret, Leslie Caron, Doris Day, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Ingrid Bergman and Lauren Bacall. Song Info: AND I LOVE HER was written by: Paul McCartney (65%), John Lennon (35%) (cPrescillajens
2799.7.7Club Music14M96.0%Skrillex - Bangarang (Full Album) AUDIOSURF  -  Tell me what you think about Skrillex's new album! Go and buy it! (links below). Bangarang 00:10. Breakin' a sweat 03:55. Kyoto 09:07. Right In 12:41. Right on time 15:50. Summit 20:04. Devil's Den 26:27. Orchestral 31:30 -------- Recorded With FRAPS. Rendered In Sony Vegas Pro 10. AudioSurf:http:/TempleTonne
2800.7.7Rock7M99.0%Radiohead - Fake Plastic Trees  -  Music video by Radiohead performing Fake Plastic Trees. (C) 2006 EMI Records Ltd This label copy information is the subject of copyright protection. All rights reserved. (C) 2006 EMI Records Ltdemimusic
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