32.8.7Software Devgithub.com
GitHub · Build software better, together. - Build software better, together.
81.8.4Software Devoddcast.com
Oddcast - The Participation Marketing Company - Oddcast is a viral marketing company specializing in online technologies that open up new possibilities for audience personalization and engagement.
85.8.4Software Devatlassian.com
Software Development and Collaboration Tools | Atlassian - Millions of users globally rely on Atlassian products every day for improving software development, project management, collaboration, and code quality.
121.8.2Software Devsencha.com
HTML5 App Development Tools. Build Apps for Any Device with Sencha. | Home | Sencha - Sencha provides HTML5-based app development tools and services for building universal apps that run on any device.
182.8.0Software Devactivestate.com
ActiveState - Code to Cloud: Smarter, Safer, Faster | ActiveState - Enterprise development solutions, including Stackato Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), dynamic language distributions of Perl, Python and Tcl, and Komodo IDE.
191.8.0Software Devfogcreek.com
Fog Creek Software - Fog Creek helps the world's best software developers make better software. Check out FogBugz, Kiln, Trello, and our other products.
217.7.9Software Devbitbucket.org
Free source code hosting for Git and Mercurial by Bitbucket - Bitbucket is a free code DVCS hosting site for Git and Mercurial. Manage your development with a hosted wiki, issue tracker and source code.
218.7.9Software Devred-gate.com
Welcome | Red Gate Software | SQL Server, .NET, & Oracle tools - Red Gate makes ingeniously simple tools used by over 600, 000 .NET, SQL Server, and Oracle professionals worldwide.
228.7.9Software Devtelerik.com
Telerik .NET UI Controls, Reporting, Visual Studio Tools, Agile Project Management, Automated Testing, ASP.NET Web CMS - Telerik is a leading vendor of ASP.NET AJAX, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, WinForms and WPF controls and components, as well as .NET Reporting, .NET ORM , .NET CMS, Code Analysis,
281.7.8Software Devzurb.com
ZURB — Product Design, Interaction Design & Design Strategy - ZURB, creating unique customer and user experiences. We are brand engineers that provide companies with strategic marketing, design and branding solutions. Work includes identity, branding, information design, web design, illu
325.7.7Software Devperforce.com
337.7.7Software Devbeanstalkapp.com
Beanstalk — Secure, Private Subversion, Mercurial and Git Hosting - Beanstalk allows designers and developers to store source code, track changes, and collaborate with their team through Git, Subversion and Mercurial version control systems.
391.7.6Software Devembarcadero.com
Database Tools and Developer Software | Embarcadero Technologies - Advanced software tools for application developers and database professionals. Cross-platform solutions for database design, development and management.
407.7.5Software Devunfuddle.com
Unfuddle - No-Fuss Software Project Management - Unfuddle is a secure, hosted software project management environment providing Git hosting, Subversion hosting, bug and issue tracking, milestones, time tracking, online collaboration and more.
460.7.5Software Devjetbrains.com
JetBrains :: World's Leading Vendor of Professional Development Tools - JetBrains, creator of the best Java IDE - IntelliJ IDEA - is a technology-leading software development firm specializing in the creation of intelligent development tools.
464.7.5Software Devaltova.com
Altova XML Editor and Award-winning XML, SQL, and UML Tools - Altova is the maker of the XMLSpy XML editor and other leading XML, SQL, and UML tools for software, web site, and database development, data conversion, business reporting, and more.
477.7.4Software Devmpsoftware.dk
PhpDesigner 8 - All-In-One PHP IDE & PHP Editor & HTML5 Editor & Web Editor | MPSOFTWARE - Home of phpDesigner 8. Download and build tomorrow's website and web apps with this full-featured PHP editor and PHP IDE with built-in HTML5-, CSS3- and JavaScript editors!
497.7.4Software Devcollab.net
The Leader in Enterprise Cloud Development, TeamForge, Subversion, GIT, Agile Training | CollabNet - CollabNet is a leading provider of Enterprise Cloud Development and Agile ALM products and services for software-driven organizations
541.7.3Software Devrealsoftware.com
Xojo - Xojo is a development tool for creating powerful, native applications for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, the web and, soon, mobile.
558.7.3Software Devflexerasoftware.com
Flexera Software - Software Licensing, Installation and Application Packaging - Flexera Software provides software licensing management, software compliance, installation and application packaging solutions to developers and their customers.
594.7.2Software Devkendoui.com
Kendo UI - jQuery HTML5 framework for desktop, mobile app development, HTML5 data visualization - Kendo UI is JQuery-based framework for rich UI, build HTML5 apps that look native on any device, build desktop and mobile applications for any browser.
632.7.2Software Devindigorose.com
Software Development Tools for Windows and Android | Indigo Rose Software Design Corporation - Software development tools for Windows and Android programmers. Indigo Rose offers Windows installer builders, autorun/autoplay CD/DVD menu makers, internet updating, binary patching and a free Android ap
653.7.2Software Devvisual-paradigm.com
UML, BPMN and Enterprise Architecture Tool for Software Development - Software development tools for UML, SysML, BPMN, DFD, ERD, Hibernate, enterprise architecture and mind mapping. For Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
671.7.1Software Devvtc.com
Online software tutorials, training CDs, Photoshop Tutorials, Dreamweaver Tutorials, Apple Tutorials from vtc.com - vtc.com provides the latest Apple Tutorials, Adobe Tutorials, Cakewalk Tutorials, Corel Tutorials, Dreamweaver Tutorials, Macromedia Tutorials, Microsoft Tutorials, Oracle Tutorials,
679.7.1Software Devsothink.com
Flash Software, SWF Decompiler, Flash Banner Maker, Flash Menu Creator, Logo Maker - Sothink provides perfect Flash software and web design software, such as SWF Decompiler, SWF Editor, Flash Maker, Flash Banner Maker, Drop Down Menu, Flash Menu Creator, Logo Maker and etc.
695.7.1Software Devext.net
Ext.NET – ASP.NET (Web Forms + MVC) component framework integrating the Sencha Ext JS JavaScript Library
723.7.0Software Devxp-dev.com
Subversion, Git and Mercurial Hosting - Powered by XP-Dev.com - Subversion, Git and Mercurial Hosting - Powered by XP-Dev.com
807.6.9Software Devsmartclient.com
SmartClient Ajax RIA System | Isomorphic Software - The SmartClient platform makes it simple to build powerful, high-productivity web applications using Ajax and GWT.
859.6.8Software Devcompuware.com
Compuware Corporation
931.6.8Software Devpluralsight.com
Pluralsight - Hardcore Developer Training
932.6.8Software Devzkoss.org
Leading Enterprise Java Web Framework | ZK - ZK is the leading open source Ajax + Mobile Java Web framework integrating jQuery, Spring, JPA, Hibernate, JavaEE, Grails, Scala and many more.
1008.6.7Software Devironspeed.com
Database Applications without Coding | Iron Speed Designer - Build database and reporting applications for the Web, Cloud, Mobile and SharePoint in minutes! Quickly create visually stunning, feature-rich Web 2.0 applications that are easy to customize and ready to deploy.
1083.6.6Software Devsoapui.org
SoapUI - The Home of Functional Testing - SoapUI, is the world leading Open Source Functional Testing tool for Web Service Testing. It supports multiple protocols such as SOAP, REST, HTTP, JMS, AMF and JDBC. SoapUI is from Smartbear; Ensuring Software Success.
1093.6.6Software Devpatternry.com
Build a front-end resource for your team | Patternry - Patternry makes it simple to build styleguides, design pattern libraries, complete front-end resources or anything in between.
1104.6.6Software Devstylusstudio.com
- The Stylus Studio XML Editor is an innovative XML IDE providing advanced XML development tools for XML, XSL, XSLT, XML Schema, DTD, SOAP, WSDL, SQL/XML, XML mapping, Web services and XQuery, simplifying XML data integration.
1140.6.5Software Devicesoft.org
Open Source Java Technology for Enterprise and Mobile Rich Internet Applications - ICEsoft Technologies - ICEsoft Technologies, Inc., a leading global provider of open source Java technology for developing mobile rich internet applications.
1191.6.5Software Devwavemaker.com
Eliminating Web Development Complexity | WaveMaker - Build rich internet applications with Ajax using WYSIWYG based on JavaScript & open source Web 2.0 standards.
1261.6.4Software Devellislab.com
1301.6.4Software Devsparxsystems.com.au
UML tools for software development and modelling - Enterprise Architect UML modeling tool - UML design and business analysis tool for modeling, documenting, reverse engineering, building and maintaining object-oriented software systems, fast and intuitive. Great features, great price.
1337.6.3Software Devsaucelabs.com
1340.6.3Software Devalphasoftware.com
Alpha Software
1360.6.3Software Devmrc-productivity.com
Enterprise Web Application Development | Web Application Development Software | Database Application Development - m-Power is a web application development platform that automates web application development and modernizes legacy enterprise applications.
1408.6.3Software Devmicrofocus.com
Application Modernization and Management - Micro Focus - Micro Focus technology is modernizing the world’s business applications to deliver optimized value through mainframe, COBOL and quality solutions.
1431.6.3Software Deviplotz.com
IPlotz: wireframing, mockups and prototyping for websites and applications
1536.6.2Software Devsifterapp.com
Simple bug and issue tracking. | Sifter - A lightweight, simple, and easy-to-use hosted bug and issue tracker.
1588.6.2Software Devcdac.in
C-DAC: Centre for Development of Advanced Computing - Established in March 1988, as a Scientific Society of the Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India. C-DAC, is primarily an R and D institution involved in the design, devel
1684.6.2Software Devscraperwiki.com
1691.6.2Software Devmyeclipseide.com
MyEclipse :: Eclipse plugin development tools for Java, JSP, XML, Struts, HTML, CSS and EJB - Eclipse plugin development tools for Java, JSP, XML, Struts, HTML, CSS and EJB
1760.6.1Software Devcodebasehq.com
Codebase - Git hosting, Mercurial hosting & Subversion hosting with complete project management - tickets, milestones
1831.6.1Software Devserena.com
Serena Software helps organizations orchestrate their application development, IT and business processes. - Serena Software provides solutions that orchestrate application delivery, IT service management, IT operations and business processes for the Global 2000.
1864.6.1Software Devhockeyapp.net
HockeyApp - The Platform for Your Apps
1899.6.1Software Devcloudbees.com
CloudBees: The Java PaaS Company
1909.6.0Software Devbonitasoft.com
Bonitasoft | Open Source Workflow & BPM software
1910.6.0Software Devdatastax.com
DataStax - DataStax powers the big data applications that transform business and profoundly improve customer experiences through Apache Cassandra™, the massively scalable NoSQL database. Simple to operate and built with architectural flexibility in mind, DataStax Enterprise delivers extreme speed
2007.6.0Software Devthoughtworks-studios.com
Agile ALM for Software Development from ThoughtWorks Studios
2107.6.0Software Devhotgloo.com
HotGloo | Wireframe UX Prototyping Tool
2148.6.0Software Devvaadin.com
Vaadin - thinking of U and I - vaadin.com - Vaadin is a Java framework for building modern web applications that look great, perform well and make you and your users happy.
2189.5.9Software Devcodelobster.com
- CodeLobster - Free portable PHP IDE with support Drupal, Smarty, WordPress, Joomla, JQuery, CodeIgniter, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CakePHP, Facebook, Symfony, Yii
2206.5.9Software Devphpcloud.com
PHP Cloud
2245.5.9Software Devshiftedit.net
ShiftEdit - Online IDE | ShiftEdit - Free online IDE for web development with built-in FTP.
2337.5.9Software Devmindscapehq.com
WPF Controls, Silverlight Controls, LightSpeed ORM and .NET tools by Mindscape - Mindscape builds great .NET developer tools to help deliver more robust solutions faster than ever before.
2343.5.9Software Devviva64.com
Static Code Analyzer for C/C++/C++11 and 64-bit migration - We develop the <a href="/en/pvs-studio/" target="">PVS-Studio</a> static code analyzer for C/C++/C++11
2494.5.8Software Devkunocreative.com
Enterprise Inbound Marketing Agency | Kuno Creative - Kuno Creative is a full service enterprise inbound marketing agency.
2521.5.8Software Devappery.io
Mobile App Builder for HTML5, iOS, iPhone, Android, & Windows Phones - Build enterprise mobile apps fast using the only cloud-based platform with visual development tools and integrated backend services
2588.5.8Software Devopenlogic.com
Open Source Support, Governance, Scanning, and Cloud Solutions - OpenLogic provides OSS support, governance, scanning, and provisioning solutions.
2640.5.8Software Devdeployhq.com
Easy to use code deployment platform - Deploy
2847.5.7Software Devcompilr.com
Online Compiler, Editor & IDE for C, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, PHP, Ruby, VB - Compilr is an online compiler & IDE. Start writing code in minutes directly from your web browser using Compilr. No installs, no setup, no hassles!
2989.5.7Software Devxmetal.com
XMetaL Home Page - Home page of XMetaL website
3011.5.7Software Devsonatype.com
Home - Sonatype.com
3044.5.7Software Devslickedit.com
Multi-Language - Multi-Platform Code & Text Editor - SlickEdit provides software developers with the most advanced programming and code editors available as well as development tools for Microsoft and Eclipse.
3072.5.7Software Devprogress.com
Application Development, Business Applications, Software Integration | Progress Software - Progress Software supplies products for application development, SaaS enablement, cloud deployment, complex event processing (CEP), data connectivity and real time decision management to solution partners and
3082.5.7Software Devcodespaces.com
Professional Source Code Hosting, SVN Hosting, Git Hosting, Project Management, Issues Tracking | Codespaces - Code Spaces is a Svn Hosting (and Git) platform that enables development and collaboration for software teams.
3162.5.7Software Devsolidifyapp.com
Solidify | Quick way to build prototypes for user testing - Solidify is the quickest way to prototype interface screens for user testing feedback. Learn where people get confused by page interactions.
3301.5.6Software Devwebperformance.com
Load Testing Software - Web Performance - Our load testing software automatically measures how many users your website can handle. Simulate millions of users, practically free, or use our expert services.
3452.5.6Software Dev4d.com
Develop and deploy professional desktop, client-server, and rich Business Internet Applications - 4D - 4D provides integrated platforms that simplify and speed up the development and deployment of Web, mobile, desktop, and client-server applications.
3493.5.6Software Devzeroturnaround.com
Java Productivity Tools by ZeroTurnaround - JRebel & LiveRebel - ZeroTurnaround, creator of JRebel & LiveRebel, is committed to making Java more productive by building innovative productivity tools for development teams.
3555.5.6Software Devpythonanywhere.com
Python Programming in your Browser: PythonAnywhere - Python Programming in your Browser: PythonAnywhere
3702.5.5Software Devoutsystems.com
OutSystems | Application Development and Management Simplified - OutSystems provides the required tools for Agile Software Development, Delivery and Management of Web Business Applications using Agile Methodologies.
3730.5.5Software Devscriptcase.net
PHP Web Development Tool - ScriptCase - Visit our website to know more about our web development tool in PHP, Scriptcase.
3823.5.5Software Deveonreality.com
EON Reality | Experience More with Virtual Reality - EON Reality is the world’s leading interactive 3D solutions provider for Education, Industry, & Edutainment. Learn more about our Virtual Reality solutions.
4151.5.4Software Devwritecheck.com
Plagiarism Checker for Students | WriteCheck powered by Turnitin - Plagiarism checker software for students by Turnitin.
4331.5.4Software Devprojectlocker.com
ProjectLocker: Free Subversion Hosting, Free Git Hosting, Free SVN Hosting, Free Trac Hosting, Software Quality On Demand - Free Subversion hosting, free Git hosting, free Trac hosting, and integrations to many popular tools such as Basecamp, FogBugz, and Lighthouse, for as low as $19/month. Try u
4381.5.4Software Devragic.com
Web database builder - Database for your website, Wordpress, Joomla, or blogs.
4600.5.3Software Devyessoftware.com
CodeCharge Studio for Rapid Web Application Development and Visual Web Reporting; DemoCharge Screen Recorder - Rapid Web Development, Visual Web Reporting, PHP Web RAD IDE, code generator
4870.5.2Software Devbestdotnettraining.com
Welcome To Bestdotnettraining - Online .Net Training / Dot Net Training Institute: Get the best online Dot Net/ .Net Training with video sessions in India at BestDotNetTraining, under the guidance of Sandeep Soni.
4942.5.2Software Devtrackvia.com
World's Easiest Online Database for Business Users | TrackVia - World's Easiest Online Database for Business Users | TrackVia
4995.5.1Software Devrelishapp.com
Home - Relish
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