5000 BEST BOOKS - Agatha Christie

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62.8.0And Then There Were None (1939)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
487.7.3The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (1926)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
1100.7.1Murder on the Orient Express (1934)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
1131.7.0The Mysterious Affair at Styles (1920)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
1247.7.0Curtain (1975)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
1360.7.0The Murder at the Vicarage (1930)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
1617.6.9The Secret Adversary (1922)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
2231.6.8Poirot's Early Cases (1974)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
2270.6.8Death on the Nile (1937)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
2302.6.8One, Two, Buckle My ShoeGR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
2713.6.8A Murder Is Announced (1950)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
2714.6.84.50 from Paddington (1957)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
2814.6.8Evil Under the Sun (1941)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
2831.6.8Sleeping Murder (1976)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
2913.6.8Murder Is Easy (1939)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
2934.6.8The A.B.C. Murders (1936)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
3015.6.7Why Didn't They Ask Evans? (1934)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
3059.6.7The Body in the Library (1942)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
3078.6.7The Pale Horse (1961)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
3095.6.7The Hollow (1946)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
3197.6.7Appointment with Death (1938)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
3241.6.7Nemesis (1971)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
3245.6.7Towards Zero (1944)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
3262.6.7Cards on the Table (1936)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
3272.6.7The Mystery of the Blue Train (1928)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
3343.6.7A Pocket Full of Rye (1953)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
3372.6.7The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side (1962)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
3377.6.7Ordeal by Innocence (1958)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
3378.6.7Death in the Clouds (1935)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
3420.6.7The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding (1960)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
3422.6.7The Sittaford Mystery (1931)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
3423.6.7Dumb Witness (1937)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
3492.6.7Peril at End House (1932)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
3511.6.7Sad Cypress (1940)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
3523.6.7After the Funeral (1953)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
3588.6.7Hercule Poirot's Christmas (1938)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
3610.6.7The Clocks (1963)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
3633.6.7Crooked House (1949)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
3634.6.7The Big Four (1927)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
3684.6.7At Bertram's Hotel (1965)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
3714.6.7By the Pricking of My Thumbs (1968)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
3731.6.7Lord Edgware Dies (1933)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
3799.6.7Murder in Mesopotamia (1936)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
3850.6.7Hallowe'en Party (1969)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
3862.6.7The Thirteen Problems (1932)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
3911.6.7A Caribbean Mystery (1964)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
3944.6.7They Do It with Mirrors (1952)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
3953.6.7Taken at the Flood (1948)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
3973.6.7Murder in the Mews (1937)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
4003.6.7Three Act Tragedy (1934)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
4008.6.7Cat Among the Pigeons (1959)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
4276.6.7The Secret of Chimneys (1925)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
4793.6.5Poirot Investigates (1924)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
4796.6.5Five Little Pigs (1942)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
4929.6.3Endless Night (1967)GR  AM  KBAgatha Christie
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