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4101.6.7English Reader or Pieces in Prose and Poetry: Selected from the Best Writers Designed to Assist Young Persons to ReadGR  AM  KBLindley Murray
4102.6.7Collier's Encyclopedia With Bibliography and IndexGR  AM  KBWilliam Darrach Halsey
4103.6.7History of Western MusicGR  AM  KBDonald Jay Grout
4104.6.7North American IndianGR  AM  KBEdward S. Curtis
4105.6.7Incredible JourneyGR  AM  KBSheila Every Burnford
4106.6.7Enjoyment of MusicGR  AM  KBJoseph Machlis
4107.6.7Original Journals of the Lewis and Clark ExpeditionGR  AM  KBMeriwether Lewis
4108.6.7Architectural Graphic StandardsGR  AM  KBCharles George Ramsey
4109.6.7Textbook of Medical PhysiologyGR  AM  KBArthur C. Guyton
4110.6.7SeasonsGR  AM  KBJames Thomson
4111.6.7FrottagesGR  AM  KBMax Ernst
4112.6.7Literary History of the United StatesGR  AM  KBRobert Ernest Spiller
4113.6.7Fiddler on the RoofGR  AM  KBJerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick
4114.6.7Patent It YourselfGR  AM  KBDavid Pressman
4115.6.7Encyclopedia of American Facts and DatesGR  AM  KBGorton Carruth
4116.6.7Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational GuidanceGR  AM  KBWilliam E. Hopke
4117.6.7American Political DictionaryGR  AM  KBJack C. Plano
4118.6.7Dictionary of Contemporary American ArtistsGR  AM  KBPaul Cummings
4119.6.7Webster's Ninth New Collegiate DictionaryGR  AM  KB
4120.6.7General Introduction to PsychoanalysisGR  AM  KBSigmund Freud
4121.6.7Modern ResearcherGR  AM  KBJacques Barzun
4122.6.7A To Zoo: Subject Access to Childrens Picture BooksGR  AM  KBCarolyn W. Lima
4123.6.7Everybody's Guide To Small Claims CourtGR  AM  KBRalph E. Warner
4124.6.7Introduction to Reference WorkGR  AM  KBWilliam A. Katz
4125.6.7MikadoGR  AM  KBArthur Sullivan and W.S. Gilbert
4126.6.7American Foreign Policy Since World War IIGR  AM  KBJohn W. Spanier
4127.6.7Grammatical Institute of the English LanguageGR  AM  KBNoah Webster
4128.6.7Facts About the PresidentsGR  AM  KBJoseph Nathan Kane
4129.6.7On Writing WellGR  AM  KBWilliam Knowlton Zinsser
4130.6.7While My Pretty One SleepsGR  AM  KBMary Higgins Clark
4131.6.7Read Aloud HandbookGR  AM  KBJim Trelease
4132.6.7Passion for ExcellenceGR  AM  KBThomas J. Peters
4133.6.7Southern CrossGR  AM  KBPatricia Daniels Cornwell
4134.6.7The Ship (1943)GR  AM  KBCS Forester
4135.6.7The Last Templar (2005)GR  AM  KBRaymond Khoury
4136.6.7The Appeal (2008)GR  AM  KBJohn Grisham
4137.6.7The No Asshole Rule (2007)GR  AM  KB
4138.6.7Death: The High Cost of Living (1993)GR  AM  KB
4139.6.7The Russia House (1989)GR  AM  KBJohn le Carre
4140.6.7Second Foundation (1953)GR  AM  KBIsaac Asimov
4141.6.7The Second Jungle Book (1895)GR  AM  KBRudyard Kipling
4142.6.7The Morning of the Magicians (1960)GR  AM  KBJacques Bergier
4143.6.7Pebble in the Sky (1950)GR  AM  KBIsaac Asimov
4144.6.7The Beatrice Letters (2006)GR  AM  KBLemony Snicket
4145.6.7The Soul of a New Machine (1981)GR  AM  KBTracy Kidder
4146.6.7Dead Air (2002)GR  AM  KBIain Banks
4147.6.7Dragonquest (1971)GR  AM  KBAnne McCaffrey
4148.6.7Roy of the Rovers (1954)GR  AM  KB
4149.6.7Reminiscences of a Stock Operator (1923)GR  AM  KBEdwin Lefevre
4150.6.7The True Story of Ah Q (1921)GR  AM  KBLu Xun
4151.6.7Evelina (1778)GR  AM  KBFanny Burney
4152.6.7The Garden of Eden (1986)GR  AM  KBErnest Hemingway
4153.6.7Quiver (2002)GR  AM  KB
4154.6.7Things Not Seen (2002)GR  AM  KBAndrew Clements
4155.6.7The Pocket Book of Boners (1931)GR  AM  KBDr. Seuss
4156.6.7The Temple of the Golden Pavilion (1956)GR  AM  KBYukio Mishima
4157.6.7Scorpia (2004)GR  AM  KBAnthony Horowitz
4158.6.7Elephantmen (2006)GR  AM  KB
4159.6.7Sartor Resartus (1834)GR  AM  KBThomas Carlyle
4160.6.7The Extended Phenotype (1982)GR  AM  KBRichard Dawkins
4161.6.7Presumed Innocent (1987)GR  AM  KBScott Turow
4162.6.7The Bostonians (1886)GR  AM  KBHenry James
4163.6.7The Hungry Tide (2005)GR  AM  KBAmitav Ghosh
4164.6.7Bad Girls (1996)GR  AM  KBJacqueline Wilson
4165.6.7The League of Frightened Men (1935)GR  AM  KBRex Stout
4166.6.7From Dead to Worse (2008)GR  AM  KBCharlaine Harris
4167.6.7Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House (1946)GR  AM  KBEric Hodgkins
4168.6.7Jericho Season 3 (2011)GR  AM  KB
4169.6.7Batman: Gotham Knights (2006)GR  AM  KB
4170.6.7Mason & Dixon (1997)GR  AM  KBThomas Pynchon
4171.6.7Parineeta (1914)GR  AM  KBSarat Chandra Chattopadhyay
4172.6.7Jamaica Inn (1936)GR  AM  KBDaphne du Maurier
4173.6.7Infinity War (1992)GR  AM  KB
4174.6.7Hulked Out Heroes (2010)GR  AM  KB
4175.6.7The Sorceress: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel (2009)GR  AM  KBMichael Scott
4176.6.7The Best Laid Plans (1997)GR  AM  KBSidney Sheldon
4177.6.7The Naked Face (1970)GR  AM  KBSidney Sheldon
4178.6.7Marked (2007)GR  AM  KBP.C. Cast
4179.6.7Homecoming (1981)GR  AM  KBCynthia Voigt
4180.6.7The Tomb of Dracula (1979)GR  AM  KB
4181.6.7ZhuangziGR  AM  KBZhuang Zhou
4182.6.7Mutant Massacre (1986)GR  AM  KB
4183.6.7The Bronze Horseman (1837)GR  AM  KBAleksandr Pushkin
4184.6.7Consciousness Explained (1991)GR  AM  KBDaniel C. Dennett
4185.6.7A Home at the End of the World (1990)GR  AM  KBMichael Cunningham
4186.6.7Globalization and Its Discontents (2002)GR  AM  KBJoseph E. Stiglitz
4187.6.7The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle (1905)GR  AM  KBBeatrix Potter
4188.6.7PhantomsGR  AM  KBDean Koontz
4189.6.7Sleepovers (2001)GR  AM  KBJacqueline Wilson
4190.6.7Waterland (1983)GR  AM  KBGraham Swift
4191.6.7South WindGR  AM  KBNorman Douglas
4192.6.7The Matarese Circle (1979)GR  AM  KBRobert Ludlum
4193.6.7Judgement Day (1992)GR  AM  KB
4194.6.7The Lexus and the Olive Tree (1999)GR  AM  KBThomas L. Friedman
4195.6.7The Skin I'm In (2000)GR  AM  KBSharon Flake
4196.6.7World War III (2000)GR  AM  KB
4197.6.7Blood and Gold (2001)GR  AM  KBAnne Rice
4198.6.7Spook Country (2007)GR  AM  KBWilliam Gibson
4199.6.7Love Letters of Great Men (2008)GR  AM  KBJohn C. Kirkland
4200.6.7The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms (2010)GR  AM  KBN.K. Jemisin
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